Holy crap, I only just now finished The Reading of the Friends List. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to comment on everything.

I'm editing pictures in-between finishing my thoughts in my Fest journal and typing up the first few entries.

I vow to finish my journal in every sense of the word this year! Finish my thoughts, finish transcribing it, and finish setting up the scrapbook website.
.....aaaaaand I just realized I left my bath towels hanging on a tree at my campsite.

Well, guess I'd better go back and get them.

See ya!!
I wake up in the morning and I don't know where I am
Then I see all the trees outside my window and I know I am home.

--Libbie Schrader

I am back in Dayton.

I am wanting to be at Fest.

I missed my friends and my family, but I am having troubles returning to the mundane world.

This was probably the best Fest ever, and I want to tell you all about it.

But first I need a shower, I need to do laundry, I need to unpack, I need to snuggle my cat.

Until I'm able to get my journal started, I'll leave you with my very favorite picture from the week:

Highlight of the entire week )

no one's picking up the phone
guess it's me and me
and this little masochist
she's ready to confess
all the things that i never thought
that she could feel and

hey jupiter
nothings been the same
so are you gay
are you blue
thought we both could use a friend
to run to
and i thought i wouldn't have to be
with you something new

sometimes i breathe you in
and i know you know
and sometimes you take a swim
found your writing on my wall
if my hearts soaking wet
boy your boots can leave a mess

hey jupiter
nothings been the same
so are you gay
are you blue
thought we both could use a friend
to run to
and i thought you wouldn't have to keep
with me

thought i knew myself so well
all the dolls i had
took my leather off the shelf
your apocalypse was fab
for a girl who couldn't choose between
the shower or the bath

and i thought i wouldn't have to be
with you
a magazine

no one's picking up the phone
guess it's clear he's gone
and this little masochist
is lifting up her dress
guess i thought i could never feel
the things i feel
hey jupiter

so are you gay
are you blue
thought we both could use a friend to run to
hey jupiter
nothing's been the same
so are you safe
now we're through
thought we both could use a friend to run to
hey jupiter


I am leaving for the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. I should return late on Sunday, August 12.
I love reading three posts in a row from three different people that all say "I'm going to be at FEST tomorrow!!" ^_^

Here's mine: OMG I LEAVE IN 7 HOURS!!!!

Last night Carlette and DDR'd and then we needed pie. So we went to Frisch's and had desserts. Then after our desserts (for which there were NO SPOONS) we decided we needed to split a Big Boy. This was hysterical to us, less so for our waitress. Then Carlette took me to Hills and Dales MetroPark with a creepy, creepy abandoned tower that "may have" been built in the 1930s. It was scary creepy. We just drove by it.
Ran a millions of errands today.

Played DDR, got a new car charger for my phone. Decided I wanted to KittyPimp! my camping space. The area I'm camping will get crowded, and I need my space, so I got some Hello Kitty decorative stringing things to mark my territory. Also Kitty stickers for my rubbermaids, a Kitty rug for the front door of the tent, and a Kitty greeting card that shows Kitty in a tent that I'll hang at the entrance to my area.

Finish packing
Load the car
Vacuum living room and bedroom
Finish baking cookies
Clean kitchen
Change cat litter
So this afternoon I totally set up the tent that [livejournal.com profile] ta2dmrm8 and [livejournal.com profile] lthrlvr71 lent me. It's the same tent they lent to me four years ago. It totally still had the set-up instructions that I scrawled out from four years ago! I totally did not understand any part of what I'd written!! Apparently it made sense to me in 2003, but it lost something over the years.

I floundered around in the front yard for awhile until Carlette and Nick took pity on me and came out. Carlette figured it out right away, 'cause she's smart with things like that. Then I got it set up. It totally still has leaves in it from four years ago! I was apparently terrible at cleaning out tents! This year I bring a broom.

I decided not to bother seam-sealing or anything, because I'm totally going to tarp. Tarp tarp tarp. And maybe seam seal when I get there. Because it was hot and I was DONE by the time I got it up. Good thing I should be on the land early enough to get the tent up, take a breather, and then get the tarp up before dark.

It is totally fucking hot outside. I'm glad it's supposed to be slightly cooler in Michigan next Monday. It's totally sad that I'm looking at 89 degrees as slightly cooler.

I totally bought a garden cart today, but I do not yet possess it. I took advantage of their "free assembly," because as you can see I can barely put two pieces of bread together to make a sandwich. Apparently their "free assembly" does not mean some guy coming right over and saying, "All right! Let's see what we've got here!" and ripping right into the box. It means I go away and come back tomorrow and receive a fully-assembled garden cart. Fine.

The living room is totally full of crap. I wish everything would just pack itself!
Sabrina's been going through some separation anxiety since I took the three cats down to Cincinnati for a week earlier this month while I did some cleaning around the apartment (said cleaning included fumes harmful to kitty-types).

She always likes to sleep on the bed with me, but lately she's been stealing Alexandra's Spot. See, ever since I moved here last October, Alex has claimed a large tupperware container as her sleep spot. I put it on the bed next to my head and gave her a blanket, and she loves it. She spends most of the day there, and she always sleeps there. But lately Sabrina has been commandeering her spot. She never had any interest in it before, but now I'll go to sleep with Alex in the tupperware and wake up to Sabrina being there. And then Alex has to hide under the bed, since that's the only other place she feels safe. I guess I need to get another big tupperware for Sabrina and try and sleep in the middle ;-p

She's also been extra needy and extra clingy, demanding to be on my lap when I'm on the couch, and following me around more than normal. I feel bad that I'm going to be leaving her for another week while I'm at Fest :-(
A week from today, I'll be on the land. I'll have had some yogurt and granola for breakfast, maybe either a peanut butter and honey sandwich or a donut. Most likely a diet coke.

I'll either be on my way to a workshift or a workshop, depending on the schedule!
Exactly one week from now I will be in Michigan ^_^

I will be in the line. Hopefully I'll have had a little nap. I might be running into town for a pizza from the local pizza joint -- so delicious! I might just wait for the Crystal Valley Tavern truck to come by.

I'll be excited because it'll be almost time for the gates to open!!
I went to the Dayton Celtic Festival last night.

Lots of pretty shiny jewelry there, but I was good. I didn't buy anything. There will be much spending NEXT WEEK at Michfest. Must save money.

Gaelic Storm was really good. Great concert. I'm probably going back Sunday to see Fannigan's Isle.

Today I went down to Cincinnati to gather up all my camping stuff. I left my camping equipment at my parent's house because my old apartment didn't have enough room to store it. I hadn't seen the stuff in a year, and since then my parents had remodeled the house, so I was worried about it being lost. After a long search and a call to my dad, I finally found everything in my room.

Open the first rubbermaid: Oooo, there's a bunch of crap from the Barter Market, ropes, and junk.
Second rubbermaid: HEY! There's my rainfly! Who knew? Also, a damp tarp marinating in a rubbermaid tub for a year is a very special kind of smell.
Third rubbermaid: Practically empty. At this point I'm getting a little panicked; where are my lantern and air mattress!?
Fourth rubbermaid: Oh thank goodness, there they are. And other miscellaneous junk.

This year I am definitely trying to minimize what I bring. Fewer shoes, fewer decorations, LESS CRAP THAT I NEVER EVER USE AND YET HAUL FOR NO REASON!!

Did I mention I leave in a week from tomorrow? A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!!!!! ^_^
I'm going to be leading a stargazing gathering at MichFest this year! Look for it in the Unofficial List of Events.

I dreamt it was time to leave for MichFest, like RIGHTNOW. I was so surprised, I was like "I can't believe it's here already."

I started to leave, but then I had to stop and turn around because I'd forgotten a lot of what I'd needed because I hadn't made a packing list. I only made it as far as Columbus, which WTF? is in the opposite direction!

I also dreamed that [livejournal.com profile] marcelle42 was riding with me!
I'm wearing the sweatshirt that I bought from MichFest. I haven't actually washed it since I brought it home, and this is my first time wearing it.

*inhales deeply* It smells like Fest. It smells soooooooooooooooooooo good!

The Michfest list is up!!!!!!!!!!!



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