We did not have a snow day today, despite me wanting one very badly. There was nothing I particularly wanted to avoid, I just really could have used a day away from classes.

But I went, and the day actually moved very smoothly and was pretty nice, so I can't complain. I handed out my Hello Kitty Valentine cards to my friends and teachers, since I won't be at school tomorrow. For my journal entry in French Conversation the assigned task was to write instructions for something; pretty open-ended. So I wrote instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's rather funny, and I'll try to remember to post it here later.

I received a 98% on the big French presentation I did on Monday! I am kicking ass in my French literature class. Who knew?

My Spanish teacher postponed our test from Friday until next Monday which is a HUGE relief, because I was nowhere close to being ready by Friday. I've been getting really good grades on the oral portion of the class, but I completely bombed the first written test, so I really need to do well on this next test to bring up that portion of my grade.

Tomorrow I have to get a fasting blood draw, just routine, a part of my physical. I just really, really hate having blood drawn :-( I'm ok with needles and shots, but I hate having things in my veins. My veins like to hide and be difficult, which leads to more pain and suffering and woe. ;_;
This morning I had a phone interview with my Spanish teacher at 7am, which meant I had to be awake and coherent enough to hold not just a conversation, but a conversation in Spanish at 7am, which meant waking up even earlier.

I am now exhausted, and will probably head to bed shortly.

Sabrina is staring at me like she thinks I might give her some of my rice krispie treat, but OH HOW WRONG SHE IS!

It is my rice krispie treat.
Je suis en train de regarder Aladdin en français – sans sous-titres. C’est un aide que je sais le film par cœur en anglais. C’est très amusant ^_^

Apres je regarde le film en français, peut-être je regarderai en espagnol. Je dois continuer mes études !
I finished writing my Spanish presentation!!

Now I just have to memorize it by 8:30am on Tuesday!!

It is three full pages of Spanish!!

I foresee getting NO sleep in the next two days week!!!

Nerd alert:

In doing research for my French presentation, I'm reading a relevant Spanish website.

It was a link from the Wikipedia site, and it said (in French). I stared at it for a good minute before going, "I can read this, but it isn't French. This is Spanish."

I worked the Latino Health Fair today as part of the library's Outreach Program.

I really, really lack confidence in my Spanish conversation skills. There was another woman working with me; Spanish was her native language, but she hasn't used it in over 40 years, so she's rusty as well. Still, she speaks much better than I do. I was listening to her, and thinking "I know all those words. Why can't I think to say that?" I can read and comprehend fine. Speaking = crap.

Still, I was pleased with how well I did considering I've barely glanced at Spanish all quarter. I need to keep it up over the summer. I need to make myself speak Spanish more.
*bangs head on wall*


I couldn't take Spanish 203 this quarter, because it was offered at a shitty time. I thought I'd take it over the summer. It wasn't offered over the summer. Fuck you, Wright State. I thought I'd take 311 over the summer, so I wouldn't be so far behind.

I ran into my favorite professor's husband (also a Spanish professor) a few weeks ago. My favorite professor, Sra Alvarez, is off this quarter because she just had a baby. I mentioned my registration problems to him, and he said I might have problems with the 311 because I hadn't taken 203 yet. He told me to contact him if they gave me any problems.

Today I get an email from the Modern Language department: "You cannot take 311 because you have not yet taken 203." Well, fuck you.

I emailed Sra Alvarez and her husband, Sr. Rubin, to see what they thought I should do. I had already registered for 203 in the fall. Sr. Rubin emailed me back right away suggesting that I just register for his section of 311 in the fall. He said he would help me through it, and it will be allowed because I'll be in 203 and 311 at the same time. I guess that will just have to work....but then we're down to me not taking anything over the summer. And going wayyyy too long without practicing Spanish.

I just tried to check and see if I could take French 311 over the summer and clear up my fall quarter a bit, but of course they're not offering it. So now there's no summer classes I can take. After freaking out yesterday and getting my dad to make a $600 payment over the web with a $16.95 surcharge. Fuck you, Wright State.

Fall quarter schedule of suck:
French Conversation 311 - MWF 11am-12:05pm
French Composition 321 - MWF 1:30pm-2:35pm
Spanish Conversation 311 - TTH 8:30am-10:10am
Spanish 203 - TTH 10:25am-12:05pm
Today was pretty good. I laughed a LOT. Always a sign of a good day.

In Spanish we split into two groups and the teacher gave us a bunch of random picture cut-outs. We had to make a story from the pictures. My group was crazy and good and we laughed hysterically and made the craziest, funniest story of the evar. It's posted below.

In French we had our exit exam (we had the Spanish exit exam last week). Since the 202 level is the highest REQUIRED level for liberal arts majors, they test the 202 students to make sure they're approximately at that level. The test is produced by Brigham Young University, based on their teaching styles, so it doesn't completely translate to what we've been learning. On the Spanish exam, I "tested into" 201. Eep! My teacher said that was normal and fine. On the French exam today, I tested off the chart. My teacher was beside herself. ^_^ I like French ^_^

We also had our French oral exam. It was an interview with the prof. I told her (in French) that in high school our French orals were hard and I wasn't a good student and my teacher would yell at me. She said I was doing great, and I got 100% on the oral exam! WOOT!

Remember that lit test that I completely forgot about until the night before? We finally got them back today. Before he handed them back, he started berating people, saying they were trying to bullshit him and it wasn't working, and that these scores were lower than the last test. I was terrified. I got....49/50! Higher than my last test! WOOT x 2!

Now I am at Barnes and Noble studying up a storm. I'll be here till they close, then sleep for a few hours, then I'll be at Panera bright and early at 9am. Study, study, study!

Here's the story we wrote in Spanish based on the pictures we got:

Los amigos

Hay quatro amigos. Hay un tiburón, un tucán, un perro muy guapo, y un llama se llama Tina. Ellos están coduciendo en un Chrysler 300 para que compren lamparas modernas para adornar su apartamiento cuando una familia que toma vacaiones en Tequesta Point cruzó la calle en frente de su coche. Hizo sol y la familia fue a tomar los fotos de la iglesia cuando el coche la mató. ¡Boom! Ellos nunca van a tomar fotografias ninguna más. ¡Los amigos se pusieron locos! El tiburón sugirió que tomaron los cuerpos a la fábrica de comida de perros para hacer comida de perros. El sabor de la comida es frambuesas y piña con seres humanos. ¡Mmmm! Dos ancianos que no tuvieran dinero compraron la comida de perros con frambuesas, piñas, y seres humanos. Fue la mejor cena que han tenido en su vida. La moraleja es que la tiburón nunca debe conducir.

If you don't understand Spanish, all that was FUCKING funny. All right, here's a translation:

English translation )
I had to recite a poem in French class today from memory. I'd been working on it for about a week, and I had it pretty well memorized.

I had Spanish class before my French class, and my Spanish class was being dull, so I decided to pull out my poem and review it. I'm concentrating hard on the French and not listening at all to Spanish class. Suddenly I hear my teacher say "¿Todos comprenden?" so I looked up at her and said "Oui!"


She gave me an odd look, and my classmates turned and looked at me, and I was like, "Uh....I mean, '¡Si!'"

So then I went to French class and recited my poem. It went fine. Then we wrote some sentences on the board. Someone wrote "estudie" instead of "étudie," and Madame said "This is Spanish, who wrote this, no Spanish on our boards!" I immediately said, "Pas moi!" Not me! I didn't do it!
Long shot: Does anyone have an mp3 of Suerte (Whenever, Wherever), the Spanish version of Shakira's Whenever, Wherever?

I need it for Spanish class ^_^



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