A friend of mine has this silly habit of driving to places...work, the grocery, the doctor. Unfortunately all her means of transportation, her scooter, her car, have died.

She needs your help to buy a new car. She is an AMAZING artist and makes beautiful wings, crowns, beads, and necklaces.

Please take a look at her page [livejournal.com profile] scooterfae for a link to her Etsy page as well as some necklaces you can just make an offer on. Be sure to check the Etsy page for the wings and beads and crowns!!

Thanks for looking and helping out.
Today was mostly filler. Tonight is supposedly the largest full moon of the year? I haven't seen it. It's so cold outside it hurts.

My family went to the Madrigal Dinner tonight at Wright State, and it was very pleasant. There was nog. LOTS of nog. I'll recap it tomorrow, because now I'm just kind of writing enough so that I can say I made an entry for Holidailies and then go to bed so I can work tomorrow and then get my hairs dyed and then go to my friend's graduation party and then sleep maybe somewhere, sometime.


Carlette and I went out to Barnes and Nobles today because I had a $25 gift certificate burning a hole in my purse and Carlette needed a calendar. Everyone else in Dayton decided to go to B&N as well; the place was mad-crowded!! What the heck.

I got the next Fushigi Yugi that I needed, a set of the first-three-books-in-one-book of Magic Knight Rayearth on sale for $10, and You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls, which is awesome. I'm totally going to earn all these merit badges! Including saving and investing badge, learning a new language badge, sewing badge, dating badge, camping badge....it will be AWESOME and Carlette and I think we should form our own troop of Grown-Up Girl Scouts or something and earn all the badges.

I also bought the cats a new scratching post so they'd stop tearing up the carpet. Sabrina gives it two paws up:


Then I came home and made delicious homemade turkey meatballs (where's my badge!) for my dinner tomorrow.
When my alarm went off at 7:15am this morning, my first thought was "Why the fuck is my alarm going off so early?"

Then I remembered that Carlette and I were going ice skating!

I am not very good at ice skating. You might even say I am terrible. I have weak ankles (the product of several sprains and breakages) and no foot muscles. My feet are noodles.

In an hour, I made it around the rink 10 times. But by the last three laps, I only had to stop to rest one time each, and each time I stopped slightly further than the last time. If I keep going back and working at it, soon I will be able to skate all the way around the rink without stopping!

I cut my fingers by scraping them against the wall trying not to fall. I had to get bandaids because they were bleeding a bit.

Carlette had to return some Christmas presents, so we had to go to Wal-Mart. I can't believe it's only the second day of the year and I had to go to Wal-Mart! ARGH. We were only there a total of five minutes, fortunately.

Next we went to Kohl's where this old man ahead of us was upset that he couldn't return items without a receipt and get cash. The cashier actually called for her manager and said "This old coot is raising Cain over here." He was cantankerous. So's his face.

While we were at Kohl's I bought new gloves. I loved my old gloves because they had hoppy frogs on them and they were very cute. But because frogs are cold-blooded, the gloves actually kept cold in and made my fingers want to fall off. Not good. Now I have warm gloves with no frogs.

We were lured into Home Depot by their commercials advertising a magnificent sale on organization items, and I have a dream of my house being organized. The sale? Not so magnificent.

We went to Applebee's for unlimited soup and salad. The only limit was the space in my belly.

We went to Bath & Body Works for their fabulous sale, and I got three new packs of wallflowers, three new soaps, some body sprays, and bubblebath! Then on to Kroger and Trader Joes.

All this driving, and did I mention it's snowing all day? We're smart.

I'm so wiped out from caffeine withdrawal ;_;
Carlette and I did arts today!!

We played with clay at open studio at Rosewood Arts Centre. First we glazed a billion unclaimed pottery pieces. Now we've glazed them the colors we want (hopefully, the glaze colors are unpredictable) and we get to keep them. Happy birthday, cousin Jenny! I glazed you a plate!

Then we made stuff with clay. I am so not talented with the arts. I tried to make a box, but it had structural integrity issues. Then I made a smaller box. Then I made earrings and a bracelet. We'll go back and glaze them after they've been fired.
Today Carlette and Nick and I had a Fabulously Fun Snow Day.

I Sat on the couch until around noon, and then I decided we needed to go sledding. I went over to their place where they were watching the MST3K "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." We watched for a bit, but then I persuaded them to come join me for a sled adventure.

First we had to procure sleds. Carlette only had one, and it was one of those crappy roll-up versions. We went to the nearby Ace Hardware where they had exactly one plastic saucer sled, two plastic two-person sled, and one inflatable saucer sled. We bought one of each.

Then we made a detour home so they could Suit Up.

THEN THERE WAS SLEDDING. We went to Rosewood Arts Center in Kettering, where they have a Giant Hill of Death.


My plastic saucer sled enjoyed turning me backwards, so my every pass down the hill involved me going down backwards, looking over my shoulders and screaming "AAAA! TREE!!!" or "AAA!! GIANT SWAMP PUDDLE!!" and desperately trying to stop the sled before I died.


Carlette's inflatable saucer ripped on her second pass down a hill. It was way lame.

For our very last sled, Nick and I went down the hill in the two-person sled, caught a bit of air on the way down, and sailed through the giant swamp puddle. It was simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.

We came home, where we made cookies and hot chocolate. And ate cookie dough.

And then we sat down on comfy couches and watched the MST3K Waffle Episode because Nick had never seen it, and it's my very favorite episode. Then Nick decided we needed to watch Manos Hands of Fate. Goddamn that is a bad movie.

After the movie we went out for sushi, which if you know me at all you know I loved. We drove by the Patterson Homestead, which is apparently haunted and Carlette wants us to go ghost hunting there next month.
[livejournal.com profile] marcelle42 mentioned the Eddie Izzard "covered in beeeeees!!" bit yesterday, and that got me itching to watch other bits from Glorious.

I think this one is my favorite ^_~



I went over after work and lit the lights and sang the prayers with Carlette and Nick. Well, Nick pretty much just paused MegaMan for us.


There was talk of playing dreidel for minimarshmallows, but that never came to fruition.


Bea was overwhelmed by all the Jewishness.
Carlette and I continued our quest to reunlock all her DDR games this afternoon.

I finally, finally, finally beat "B4U" on Heavy!! And "Kind Lady," but B4U was so much harder.

We played Extreme until we got sick of it, even though we were only half way through unlocking everything. I just couldn't take looking at the same songs anymore, so we switched to Max2. Which has Think Ya Better. Which is my other favoritest song ^_^

Famous last words:
"It's only one more foot, how hard can it be?"

My knee kind of hurts now :-\

I also had a delicious lunch of kalamata olive hummus, triscuits, cucumbers, and grapes. It was fantastic.

Tomorrow starts Hannukah!

Julie and I first saw Tori, as Julie reminded me this weekend, 13 years ago on October 3, 1994. She played at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati. She had only released Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink at this point. Since that show, we have seen Tori together at least six other times, and I've seen her on my own at least four additional times.

So while we were driving around Saturday morning, we were listening to an all-Tori mix on Julie's iPod. It was mixing up a lot of Little Earthquakes songs, and I mentioned that according to the set lists on Undented she hadn't playing a lot of LE songs on this tour, maybe just one or two per show.

Our seats were fantastic, row H and right dead left center. Before the show started, Julie asked me what songs I really wanted to hear, and I said I'd really like to hear "Pancake" because I don't care for it much on the CD but live it's soooo much better, I wanted to hear "Strange," "Girl Disappearing," and I was looking forward to hearing "Hey Jupiter" because she'd been closing almost every show with it, and it had a lot of importance for me this year. We agreed that "Pancake" and "Strange" were probably pipe dreams, just like songs from LE.

The show finally starts, and Tori comes out looking adorable. She's supposedly one of the dolls from American Doll Posse in the opening set, but I had no idea which doll was which. I'd been hoping for the Isabel doll because I liked the songs she sings best. It turns out we got the Clyde doll, which was also fine with me ^_^

Set list )

If you don't know Tori, let me explain to you what's amazing about this list. We got FIVE songs from LE!! Each time she started a new song from LE, Julie and I looked at each other like, "Are you kidding me?"

She started "Strange" with a slow intro that made it hard to tell what it was until she started singing. As soon as I heard her sing it, I was so shocked. It's the only time she's played it on this tour. I started crying; me + my failed relationships = the lyrics to "Strange." But she only made it to the first chorus and then she stopped abruptly and exclaimed "I fucked this up so bad!!" And watching the video of it, I can see, yeah, she did mess it up in a few places ^_^ I was too into it at the time to even notice. So she went into a little "I fucked this song up" improv that basically went "If you want to hear this song you're gonna have to put the record on, because I can't play it again now without laughing." ARGH!! SO CLOSE!! And then she went into "Carbon." Also okay with me, because I am all about songs about bipolar girls.

"Pancake" was just as fantastic live as I was hoping it would be...and "Siren!" I love that song ^_^ I kept waiting...waiting...for "Hey Jupiter" but then they just brought up the house lights! WAIT! GET BACK HERE AND SING "HEY JUPITER!!" I need to hear it ;_;

Oh well, it was still an AMAZING concert. I hope she does another leg next year and comes to Cincinnati or Columbus so I can see her again ^_^

Pictures )

"Big Wheel"


"Little Earthquakes"


"Strange" and improv (filmed by ribbonsoflithium)
Au revoir!

Today I have to lead high school students around campus for four hours speaking nothing but french for the journe'e d'immersion.

After that I leave for Milwaukee for the weekend to visit my best friend from high school!! (And to see Tori Amos!!)
To do this weekend (aka: OMG I HATE THE END OF THE QUARTER)

  • Attend Astronomy Club meeting
  • Skip French club, go to Barnes and Noble to work
  • Translate four songs from French to English
  • Correct all the translations I've done so far in class for my portfolio
  • Go home and die

  • Work 8:30-5:30
  • Go to Panera to work
  • Write 10-minute spanish presentation on person from Argentina
  • Go see Carlette and Nick's play! YAY!! ^_^
  • Go home and die

  • Go to Barnes and Noble to work
  • Study vocabulary for test on Monday
  • Finish Spanish presentation, practice practice practice
  • Work on Spanish final: leading a controversial discussion
  • Finish any work on the French songs/portfolio work I haven't done
  • Go home and die

Yesterday was my 6th annual Penny's Benihana Birthday Dinner. I've been going to Benihana in Cincinnati with my friends to celebrate my birthday since 2002. YAY JAPANESE FOOD! To tell you the truth, I honestly prefer Sake in Dayton a little more; their sushi is better, their prices are lower, their service is usually better, BUT! They do not have banana tempura. Therefore I journey down to Cincinnati every year for BANANA TEMPURA.

This year I was joined by Carlette and her boyfriend Nick, my friend Courtney from work, my cousin Jenny, [livejournal.com profile] suraimu, [livejournal.com profile] kerinda, [livejournal.com profile] box_o_spiders, [livejournal.com profile] nicci, [livejournal.com profile] anadaseva, [livejournal.com profile] abluemeanie, and [livejournal.com profile] barenakedrachel.

It was so nice to be surrounded by my friends and made to feel like people really cared about me ^_^ Everyone got along wonderfully for the most part and had a great time. I was so happy that everyone could come out and make me feel special for one night. That itself was a wonderful birthday present ^_^

The food was delicious, even though they got my order wrong. I ordered "Rocky's Choice," which is steak and chicken. Somehow the waitress wrote that down as "teriyaki steak," so I didn't get any chicken :-( But Jenny and Jonathan both gave me all their shrimp, so it's not like I went hungry or anything. On the contrary, I have a full box of leftovers to eat for lunch tomorrow! Courtney was nice enough to buy my drinks and my dessert. She is so sweet.

People bought me things! Which was totally unnecessary! But they did anyway!! Lisa gave me this awesome card that says "NICE BUTT" in huge letters on the front and "Is there a card more perfect for you?" on the inside. LOL. Rachel got me a Hello Kitty scrapbook set!! It is made of awesome ^_^ I can't wait to start using it. I feel so lucky to have people that know me so well. Every present was something I could use or something I would have bought myself.

Thank you again to everyone that came and made last night so wonderful ^_^

PEEKTURES! You can view the entire set here at the Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61299712@N00/sets/72157602423373576/

Hey, here I am in front of this fence...


Moar peektures )
I love reading three posts in a row from three different people that all say "I'm going to be at FEST tomorrow!!" ^_^

Here's mine: OMG I LEAVE IN 7 HOURS!!!!

Last night Carlette and DDR'd and then we needed pie. So we went to Frisch's and had desserts. Then after our desserts (for which there were NO SPOONS) we decided we needed to split a Big Boy. This was hysterical to us, less so for our waitress. Then Carlette took me to Hills and Dales MetroPark with a creepy, creepy abandoned tower that "may have" been built in the 1930s. It was scary creepy. We just drove by it.
Saturday Carlette and I drove to Cleveland on Saturday to see They Might Be Giants!

On the first leg of the trip I was sooo tired. I was closing my eyes extra long, thinking "Just a few seconds...just a few more seconds." Bad sign for the start of a three and a half hour trip. Fortunately we stoped in Columbus for caffeine and chocolate, and I felt much better!

Carlette's boyfriend Nick loaned us his GPS unit, named Janine, and we used her to find dinner. First we found Grandpa's Cheesebarn...

But sadly, it was closed.

...which was disappointing because we really wanted some barn cheese.

Cut for copious amounts of pictures of Linnell and embedded videos )
Carlette, Nick, Camille, and I went to Riverscape this afternoon because we wanted to rent paddle boats or tandem bikes or SUMTHING.

Sadly, they only rent things on weekends. So we just walked along the river and then swung on the big swings.

Then I decided we needed to eat spaghetti in a trolley, so we went to Spaghetti Warehouse, where we did indeed eat spaghetti in a trolley.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] mermaiden!!!!!!!!

You've accomplished more than you believe. You always live life like it's a blessing, and I admire you so much for that.

I hope you've had a GREAT birthday!
Yesterday I had what could be described as one of the best days of 2007.

Ever since I saw Wicked last year, I have been dying to see it again. I tried twice to win additional tickets in the lottery last year, but I was unsuccessful at both attempts. So when I heard that Wicked would be coming to Columbus this summer, I started saving money for multiple tickets. I knew I needed to see it more than once!

Yesterday I saw the first two out of three performances I bought tickets for. It was a Wicked awesome day ^_~

[livejournal.com profile] eyesofachild went with me for the first performance at 1pm. It was great to be able to spend some time with her again. Our seats for the afternoon performance were in the center of the first row in the balcony. That was great because I could kick my leg out to pop my knee without kicking the person in front of me ^_~ It was further away than I usually like to sit, but I did get a good view of the entire stage and all the lighting elements.

After the first show let out, there was only about an hour and a half before I had to be back for the second show. I went to Johnny Rocket's for lunch (expensive, but damn those are good milkshakes!)

My seat for the 6:30pm show was in the very front row on the left-most seat of the center seats. It was a terrific way to see the show. The actors were SO CLOSE; I could see every facial expression. It was just center enough that I could see the whole stage if I leaned to the right; I feel bad for the people who were more to the left, because they missed anything that was staged in the far left corners.

There were seats a little closer to the center still unclaimed at intermission (even though the show was sold out -- most likely they were unsold scalper tickets) so I moved into one of them and was pretty much front-row center! It was so cool to see the show so close; it was like they were performing just for me ^_^

At the end of the second show, my first thought was "Aww, c'mon guys. One more time?" I'm so glad I bought tickets for three shows!

For both shows Elphaba was played by the standby, Coleen Sexton. She was phenomenal; I really enjoyed her. Fiyero was played by one of the understudies, Kyle McDaniel. I wasn't wild about his performances. He was adequate, but he didn't really "spark" like the guy who played him last year in Cincinnati had. I wouldn't mind seeing Coleen at my final show next Sunday, but I hope Fiyero is played by someone else.

Christina Decicco as Glinda was OUTSTANDING. I love the Glinda character anyway, but she was uberpeppy and her voice was just perfect.

After the show I exited right in front of the stage door, so I stayed to wait for the cast. They were all incredibly friendly despite just having done two shows, and they all had their own sharpies for autographs. I got signatures from Elphaba, Glinda, Boq, Madame Morrible, and Dr. Dillamond on my program. Christina Decicco said this show was her last in Columbus, so I'm glad I got to see her twice! It will definitely be an understudy next week.

I also chatted for a bit with Coleen Sexton's mom, who had flown in from New Jersey to see her daughter as Elphaba. She was a sweet lady, and she was so pleased to hear that I'd seen both shows that day.

ETA: I forgot to mention I also saw Venus and Saturn in the sky while I was driving home. They were the closest they'll be to each other for while this past weekend because they're crossing in their orbits. Very cool!
I drove home on a Wicked high. ^_^ Sometimes I have the best adventures!
81. Grow my hair out long enough to donate to Locks of Love.

I hope no one only liked me because I had long, brown hair, because -- now I don't.

I have been growing out my hair specifically to get in long enough to donate it since December 2005. It's been a long journey; I've been getting it trimmed every three months or so and trying to really take care of it.

At my last trim in March, the stylist said it was long enough to be donated. I decided to trim off the split ends and wait the extra three months to grow it out as long as I could.

Yesterday was the day! I specifically waited until after Pirate Day at work, because that costume needed long, curly hair. I decided to donate my hair to Beautiful Lengths because I've heard a lot of bad things about Locks of Love. Other donation sites wanted at least 12 inches of hair, and I only had about 10.5 inches. I wasn't growing out another inch and a half. I was DONE with long hair.

It was definitely the longest I've ever let my hair grow. And it was annoying the crap out of me. I just do not have the right hair to be long; it weighs down my curls, it frizzes, it's just a pain in the ass. Though I do love wearing braids ^_^

Yesterday I wore pig-tail braids for the last time. Carlette went with me to get her hair cut and document the occassion.

Many more pictures at the Flickr.

Aww, bye bye pig-tails!

Damn, my hair was long!

I went to Derailed in the Oregon District after getting recommendations from [livejournal.com profile] dayton_ohio. They were really nice and the stylist was very helpful. On her recommendation, I went with semi-permanent color for now.

Goodbye ponytail!

I felt so much lighter once all my hair was cut off! It was such a relief.

Hooray! I'm adorable!

Carlette got her hairs cut too! Pictures are on the Flickr.

I love the new look. It's so much easier to take care of, and now I can wear headbands! Headbands did not work in my longer hair. I have an adorable one I bought months ago that I've just been waiting for a chance to wear.

I had a fantastic weekend full of family and friends.

My good friend [livejournal.com profile] winterswitchery got married and moved to Canada last August. She finally received her residency, and had to return to Jackson, MI in order to re-enter Canada as a resident. I took advantage of her only being 3 1/2 hours away instead of two days away in Nova Scotia and went to visit her.

[livejournal.com profile] pirogoeth and [livejournal.com profile] kaichou were also going to come down from Toronto, so it was like another mini-KaiCon! ^_^

I hadn't seen Meggie since last June at her bridal shower, and I hadn't seen Candice and Berny since September 2004! So Saturday morning I set off for Michigan. I made my usual good time until I hit construction at the Ohio/Michigan border :-\

I finally arrived at Meg's parent's house. It was so great to see her again! I only got to see her about once a year when she lived in Michigan, but there was just something different about knowing that she was only a few hours away. I hung out with her and her friend Sarah until Berny and Candice arrived.

Bern had his heart set on Culver's, so we crammed too many people into his BMW and set off. Mmmm...bad-for-me foods...

After lunch we went to Putt-Putt, where I was reminded that I suck at putting. I'm good at hitting things, though.

The day ended early; I left around 7pm since I still had to drive back to Dayton. It was so great to see everyone, though. It's times like Saturday that make me hate the distance between me and my internet friends :-(

Meg is CAH-RAZY! Click on picture to go to the Flickr and see more.

We play putt-putt some good.

I was just entering the Dayton suburbs around 11pm when Carlette called. "We're going swimming," she said.

Well, of course we are. What else do you do at 11pm on a Saturday night? So I get home, grab my swim stuff, and we were off to a friend of her boyfriend's who had an aboveground pool. We swam until about 1:30am. The stars were beautiful, and I was able to correctly identify Jupiter and the Big Dipper.

I crawled into bed at 2am. A very long, but very full and fun day filled with lots of laughter and friends. Really, I couldn't ask for anything more than that ^_^

Sunday I meant to get up early and work out, but because of the excitement of Saturday I ended up sleeping in until 10am. Yikes! Carlette and I set off for Cincinnati, where my family was having a Father's Day picnic. But first I had managed to talk mom into taking me shopping for some new clothes, since I can't fit into pretty much anything in my closet any more.

Mom had her heart set on Stein Mart, but I really wanted to go to Fashion Bug or Deb or JC Penney or Kohls. Or anywhere but Stein Mart. Since she was paying, we compromised on Fashion Bug and Stein Mart. I found two great tops and a dress at Fashion Bug. At Stein Mart...well. I found a shirt. I was happy to get the clothes. That's all I'm sayin' ^_~

We also went to Fresh Market, which is relatively new in Cincinnati. I'd never been there. It's pretty comparable to Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton. We got a bunch of fancy delicious salads for the picnic, and Carlette found her precious mint water. There was a wine tasting for only 10 cents a taste, and we got a bit tipsy ^_~

We went to French Park for the picnic and set up a spot near the swings and the creek. We took the dogs, and they had a great time splashing in the creek. Dad had a great time because he got to man the grill and be surrounded by his family ^_^

Mom decided she had to go swing, while still holding onto the dogs.

I'm so happy that Carlette is a part of my family! She's the bestest.



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