Bento #3

Jun. 30th, 2007 09:51 am
Shockingly similar to bento #2, but that's what happens when you've got leftovers.

Spinach salad with cucumber stars, carrots, black olives; brown rice with tomato basil tuna; crispy tuna sushi roll with ginger; Babybel light cheese; Hello Kitty fruit snacks; ginger dressing; tiramisu pocky.

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I was rummaging through my pantry yesterday, looking for things that I could use in bentos, when I realized I already have a real bento box! I completely forgot it was gifted to me, and it's just been sitting in the pantry waiting for me to get started.

(Click picture to see larger)

(Click picture to see larger and read notes)

Today's lunch is another spinach salad with cucumber stars, sliced baby carrots, and sliced black olives. Ginger dressing is in the bear.

In the other tier, there's brown rice mixed with tomato basil tuna, fat-free cottage cheese with strawberries, and a Babybel light cheese.

In the lid are chopsticks and a tiramisu pocky. A Hello Kitty rice cracker completes the meal!

I can't wait for lunchtime! ^_^

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Yay! I went to the Japanese Market near my dad's apartment in Columbus yesterday to do a little browsing. They didn't have any bento boxes, but they had some good supplies and treats! I got rice molds, food separators, sauce containers (shaped like bears and fishes), sushi grass, and some pretty new chopsticks. I'd bought some mini cookie cutters on ebay, so I finally felt ready to try and make bentos!

At the Japanese Market I also got Hello Kitty rice crackers and TIRAMISU POCKY. Holy crap, that is good pocky.

Spinach salad with carrots, cucumber, and ginger dressing; brown rice and ginger dressing; kalamata olive hummus sandwich; sandwich sushis using the crust; strawberries.

I'm going to make one to take to work tomorrow too ^_^

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I hosted a pretty successful clothing swap this afternoon. Sadly, I now have a REALLY empty closet.

Everyone went home with some clothes, which was good. I got some new tops and a nice new pair of jeans. I've been NEEDING new tops because all of mine are too big.

After everyone left, Carlette and I went out for sushi. I've been craving sushi for over a week, and I finally gave in to it. SO GOOD. I stuffed myself overfull and now I have heartburn ;-p

I'm stunned by my lack of things-to-do for the next three months. Whoa! School is over! I made it through my first year at Wright State! ^_^ Not all my grades are in Shakespeare teacher is making me sweat.

I've got a few projects in mind for the summer. Besides work and working out, I've got a new paint-by-number set (I've worked on a different paint-by-number for the last three summers. Not finished, but worked on...), and I've decided to learn to make bento lunches. I'll share pictures here if they come out well.

And of course, I also have to keep up with my French and Spanish so I won't fall behind in the fall!



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