Last night was MADE OF WOE.

Well, there was some good to it. But that's for another entry.


I hate cars. Tomorrow I am getting my bike fixed and I am fucking biking everywhere for the next five months.

[ profile] ladyoceanstar and I went to Indianapolis last night to see Rachael Sage. More on that in another entry.

On my way home from school earlier that day, I had noticed that the car was driving a little funny, so when I stopped to get gas, I checked the tire pressure. Alas, I had no idea how to actually read the tire gauge, and the car's manual was not in the car. I know where to put the gauge to get a read-out, but I didn't know what the read-out meant.

I tested the left-front tire. 15psi. I have no idea if that's good or bad. I test the right-front tire. 27psi. Again, those numbers mean nothing to me. I know from previous history that I always run down and then flatten the right-front tire, so I test the back two tires. 15psi. I deduce that 15psi is somewhere in the good range and, based on my history, 27psi is low on air. I fill the right-front tire.

Toby and I go to Indianapolis and enjoy the concert. There was a moment of panic when the exit mapquest directed me to was closed for construction, but thanks to my direction-fu, I was able to get us right back on track.

We left the concert venue at 10pm. We didn't reach the highway until 10:44pm, because of the aforementioned construction crap; all the highway entrances were closed. Using my direction-fu again, I found us a highway entrance.

I was worried, though, because I had my window rolled down, and I was hearing a click-clack, click-clack coming from a tire. We stopped at a gas station and looked at them, and they seemed fine. As soon as we got on the highway and got up to speed, the right-front tire gave out.


There was no really good place to pull over; I pulled over onto the shoulder as far as I could, but we were still thisclose to the highway. Indiana's speed limit is 70mph, and trucks were not moving over into the left lane for us.

I called AAA and explained the situation, and they just said "Well, we'll put a priority on it, but it's probably going to be about 90 minutes." WTF?! 90 minutes on the side of a busy highway of DEATH!?

We sat there for awhile, watching our life flash before our eyes everytime a track scraped past us at 70+. Finally a cop car showed up, and they started directing traffic to go around in the left lane.

The cop was very nice, and he offered to change the tire for us. He got the lug nuts off and started to jack the car up, but it turns out the jack that came with the car will not jack it up high enough when the car is sunken with a flat tire :-\ He offered to call us a tow truck. Seeing as it had been over an hour and AAA still wasn't there, we accepted. The tow truck had it changed in 10 minutes. I had to pay out of pocket and try and get it reimbursed by AAA. :-\

As we were leaving, we found out the cop's car had overheated from sitting for so long! ^^;;

Then came the sad part. We had to drive all the way home to Dayton on the donut at 50mph. It took for-freakin'-ever. Toby helped me stay awake, and we made a few humurous voice posts on her journal. Go listen to them, they're a riot. Or maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, we finally get back to my apartment around 2:30. Toby sees her car and says, "Those lights aren't on, are they?" I'm like, no, it's just the glare. I get in the house and am about to take my clothes off when she calls me. Her battery had died, and her car alarm was protesting loudly about it. It was kind of funny at that point.

Fortunately, dad had insisted on putting jumper cables in my car, so I moved it over next to hers, and after several sparks we got them hooked up and her battery juiced.

I got to bed at 3am, to sleep around 3:30, and awake for work bright and early at 7:15am. KILL ME PLZ.

Dad is about to return my car to the library now with two fresh, shiny new tires. I love my dad. I hate my car.

I went to the gym after work. I had a nice workout. I come out and squint at the car. Are the lights on? Fuck.

See, this car has a "feature" where you can leave the lights on all the time and turn them off when you shut the car off by clicking the door lock button on the remote twice. I'm usually hyper-vigilant about making sure I always click it three or four times. Today I had to open the car a few times because I kept forgetting some things. I must have forgotten to click it locked twice. :-(

So I spent about an hour and a half in the gym, with the lights on the whole time. I get in the car. Dead. Fuck. I pull out my cell phone. Dead. Motherfucker!

I stomped back into the gym and asked to use the phone to call AAA. The first operator I got was supremely bitchy and put me on hold. I had to give the phone back to the receptionist for a minute, and by the time I got it back she had hung up on me. The second operator was very helpful.


Did I mention I'm only wearing shorts and a hoodie? For 45 minutes? I'M FUCKING FREEZING.

Finally AAA arrives and jumps me in 5 minutes. Hooray. Blah. Craptastic. I will never be warm again.
I'm so very tired and so very manic. I barely slept at all last night.

I finally upped my dosage of Topamax today. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.

Last night was Carlette's first night working at the library. We had a lot of fun working together. We laughed so much. We're pretty funny. I wish we could work together all the time. I like to talk about Carlette in my journal because she is just so cool.

My car is getting its 120,000 mile service today, so I get to drive my mom's brand new Hybrid! *pets the shiny*

The strength training I've been doing combined with the rain has really aggravated my tendonitis ;_;
On my way home from school, I thought How wonderful it would be if one of my bumper sticker orders came in today?

Then I got home and they were both there!!

Pimp my carz, yo.

Sweet. ^_^

I took a three-hour nap, until my sister woke me up at 5pm. Since I use my phone as my alarm clock, I was incredibly disoriented. I couldn't figure out for a few minutes that it was still Friday afternoon.

Carlette and I went to I-Zu for dinner. It was pretty good, but they didn't have ginger sauce for my rice. So I took the rice home and put my own ginger sauce on it. DELICIOUS.

I've been so busy I haven't really updated about my life lately. So you get massive updates on one day. It happens.

So I have a new car, well, a new-to-me car. A blue 200*mumblemumble* Toyota Camry. I love driving it, but I'm getting twitchy. I'm not offending anyone as I drive around! There is a distinct lack of offensive bumper stickers. And let me tell you, this car has a bumper.

Clearly, I needed to order stickers. Here's what I have coming to me:




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