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We were supposed to have a MAJOR SNOW STORM OF DEATH, but I see barely two inches outside, if that. And yet, school is still closed all day. Well, I don't have school today, people, so that's not helpful! Hmmph. I wanted school to be canceled tomorrow! Now I still have to go to work tonight and school tomorrow. Durnit.
Oh, how lovely, it's a White Easter.


*stabs Mother Nature with a chopstick*

Awake at my normal hour just in case I had to go to school and work this morning.

But wait!

All Dayton Metro Library locations will be closed on Tuesday, February 13 due to inclement weather.


Wright State University Dayton campus is closed today, Feb. 13, 2007, due to inclement weather. All classes are canceled, and all university offices and libraries are closed. Faculty and staff should not report to work.

*does the Day Off dance*

I'm going back to bed!

Wright State University Dayton campus will be closed until 10 a.m. today, Feb. 7, 2007. Classes scheduled to begin before 10 a.m. are canceled. Faculty and staff should report to work at 10 a.m.

Sweeeeeeeeeeet! So my Spanish and French class were officially cancelled! ^_^ All I'm going to be missing is Lit.
I'm sitting at home, watching Buffy, thinking about how I should probably do some homework, or maybe just go over to [livejournal.com profile] xoraclex's house to DDR. I look out the window, but she's not home yet. She's late! I sit down to watch more Buffy. Then the doorbell rings. She's home and safe!

I change clothes and go over to her house. Camille and her boyfriend Elliot are upstairs. Carlette's boyfriend Nick arrives shortly. We have ourselves a good old-fashioned snowed-in party. Everything sounds better with good old-fashioned in front of it.

Carlette makes dinner for her and Nick, and she makes me some steamed broccoli! YUM!!! It was delicious. We play a LOT of DDR. We're pretty good.

Then we all decide that we must make a pilgrimmage to the Circle K. But I don't have my coat! I'll just run home and get-- no, wait. Carlette loans me her puffy coat, day cat hat, gloves, and magic scarf. It's cool. The five of us set out in the snowy darkness for an adventure.

Nick can't take it. Halfway there he wants to set up camp and try and reach the summit in the morning. We urge him on, and soon we see it! The lights of the Circle K! They all run around getting foodstuffs, but I don't have my purse. Nick buys me a chocolate marshmallow (my FAV-O-RITE) after I promise to share my liquor cabinet with him.

Purchases made, we start the trek home. Elliot wants to make naked snow angels, but he is brutally rebuffed. This is a theme. We get home and take all our coats and shoes off, and then realize we have to go to my house for liquor. We just put the shoes back on.

I give them the vanilla vodka, cosmo mix, white russians, and Mike's. Get it out of my house!! Carlette mixes cosmos, and I have just a little. Yummy.

We do more DDR, and then we do Karaoke Revolution. Carlette and I are the Pips, and Nick is Gladys Knight! I come in second in the medley round!

Then Carlette insists we watch FLCL, which made no sense. Lain made more sense. Weird. I originally wanted to watch Kuromati High School again, but now it is bed time.

I'm not going to school tomorrow whether they're open or not. But I have to go to work.
I went to bed at 8pm, so I woke up at 4am :-\ I tried to sleep for another hour, and eventually gave up, so I've been downstairs watching tv since 5am.

Saturday I hosted a meeting of my womyn's spiritual group. It was my first time hosting something at my new place, so I cleaned like crazy, but it was still messy :-( We had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, where I gorged myself on their DELISH-TASTIC salad bar.

Later that evening I had rehearsals for the Vagina Monologues. I really like my monologue, but it really dries my mouth out and it really makes my throat raw. Need lots of water and tea, I think.

It has suddenly turned very cold. It is freezing in my apartment. Last night I ran the space heater in my room with the door shut for 15 minutes to warm it up, and I kept the electric blanket on all night. The kitties liked that.

The high temp for the next 10 days is going to be in the 20s, and it just makes me want to cry ;_; So cold! I hate winter!!
Blah. It's going to be in the low-30s for the next 10 days, with light snow showers off and on.

So nowwwwwwww it decides to be winter.

Well too darn bad! I got a taste of spring, and I liked it!



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