Carlette and I continued our quest to reunlock all her DDR games this afternoon.

I finally, finally, finally beat "B4U" on Heavy!! And "Kind Lady," but B4U was so much harder.

We played Extreme until we got sick of it, even though we were only half way through unlocking everything. I just couldn't take looking at the same songs anymore, so we switched to Max2. Which has Think Ya Better. Which is my other favoritest song ^_^

Famous last words:
"It's only one more foot, how hard can it be?"

My knee kind of hurts now :-\

I also had a delicious lunch of kalamata olive hummus, triscuits, cucumbers, and grapes. It was fantastic.

Tomorrow starts Hannukah!
Last night I emailed Carlette and told her we needed to get our karaoke on, as it had been far too long. We went to the usual Wednesday night karaoke place, but our favorite host, Nancy Sell was not there! She's cutting back her late-night hours apparently, and stopped doing Wednesday night karaoke. So the guy who normally does Sunday night karaoke was there, and he SUCKED. His music sucked. He didn't know how to work his own equipement. It wasn't fun.

I sang "Like a Prayer," but the screen was rolling the whole time, and by the end of the song I was feeling nauseous. Carlette sang "Bring Me Some Water," but he didn't turn off the vocal track, so it was like she was singing along to the CD. Lame. We left disappointed, but with plans to go see Nancy on Monday night.

I came back to Carlette's for a bit, but then I was tired and came home and read my newest Inu-Yasha book and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and went downstairs to get a pill. I noticed it was freezing downstairs. What the hell? Oh, my back door is wide open. That's lovely. VERY luckily the cats were still inside, all my possessions were still inside, and I'm still alive.

I went back upstairs and dozed until Carlette called me for my "official" wake-up call. We each hopped into our respective showers and then set off for our Day of Fun!

But then tragedy struck. Carlette needed to call Planned Parenthood to make an appointment for a check up. You know, because they have other services than just killing babies. She couldn't get 411 to work on her phone, so I lent her mine. The 411 operator connected her to a church! I was so outraged. I grabbed the phone back, called 411, and demanded to speak to a supervisor. I explained what happened and the woman said that she would credit the call. I stated that I felt what the operator had done was extremely inappropriate, and I felt that the supervisor needed to speak with her about it. Silence on the other end. I repeated my statement in slightly different wording. Silence on the other end. I asked her if she heard me, and then she gets attitude and starts getting uppity with me. I bitched right back at her and told her I was done with the conversation. But OOOO, I was so pissed! You should try calling and asking 411 for the number for Planned Parenthood and see what they do.

Finally we got to the mall to get our hairs cut. I just wanted to trim off my split ends; I'm growing my hair out to donate it as part of my Mission 101. My hair needs to be between 8-10 inches to donate, and the stylist told me that my hair was right at 8 inches, so I could have cut it all off and donated it today. The thought was really tempting and exciting. But I decided to just get the split ends cut off and then grow it back out to a full length. Carlette got a really cute new style that is not too short ^_^

We went to the arcade to play DDR. We only played four rounds because we were getting sweaty and hungry. I tried on some jeans at Deb's, but I didn't like them.

Then we went to SAKE for lunch. *choir of angels singing* I <3 that place so much! Oh, the rice! Oh, the sushi! Oh, the ginger ginger ginger!! Oh, the j-pop from 1999 that brings me right back to the good ol' VA days! ^_~ Yum!!

While we were browsing Half-Price Books after dinner, work called me in early. You know I don't mind going to work. So here I am.

[ profile] xoraclex and I had been planning for over a month to go to St. Louis this weekend to see They Might Be Giants perform a free outdoor concert at a Mardi Gras festival. At first the weather forecast wasn't too bad. Upper 40s. Lower 40s. Then upper 30s. Ulp. The closer it got, the worse the forecast got. Neither of us were too thrilled about standing around for hours in the freezing cold and snow, so we changed our plans. It ended up being mid-20s with snow!

[ profile] ta2dmrm8 was kind enough to host a DDR and Karaoke Revolution party at her house! We brought Carlette's DDR games and metal dance pad and made the journey to Chez Laric in Columbus. It was fantastic to see Lara and Eric again! I haven't seen them in a looooong time! And it was wonderful to see their animals, especially poor little Beamer, who'd been injured the day before. She was so happy to see us!

We set up Carlette's dance pad and Lara's dance pad, and then Carlette and I showed off our mad skillz. It was nice to be seen as cool, since in the arcade we're not that great ^_~ We tried to give Lara and Eric helpful tips, as they were falling into the newbie trap of keeping their feet in the middle of the dance pad. Practice, practice, practice, that's how you get better!!

We danced for about two or three hours, and then Lara made us a delicious dinner of salad and fettucini alfredo with Shirataki noodles. YUM! I've got to find some of those!

After dinner we were much too full to DDR anymore, so we broke out Lara's new Karaoke Revolution: American Idol edition. We karaoke'd the night away! It was so much fun, and I'm glad we got Lara to sing! She's really good! I wish you all could hear her sing. Maybe someday we'll get her out to a karaoke bar ^_~ We couldn't get Eric to play, but he watched and snarked on the judging with us. It was such a fun, cozy, wonderful evening.

This morning Lara and Carlette and I were sitting around watching the VH1 countdown when my mom called and said, "Do you want to come in to work?" Um, yes please. I had been hoping you would call. So even though I was sad to leave so abruptly, we packed up quickly and headed back to Dayton!

Now I am avoiding my homework, for it is pure evil and must die. I would totally skip my classes tomorrow if I didn't have an advisor appointment. *sigh*

(I think we made the right choice to skip the TMBG concert. Apparently the power went out halfway through their set. Here are some quotes from people at [ profile] tmbg:
"I went, froze in the first row, and started feeling nauseous because of the cold and the aggressive pushing going on all around me."
"Even my care bear hat couldnt hold back the cold. Im still trying to rise my temperature after the show and several hours of waiting in the cold for a ride afterwards."
"Oh god...I dont ever want to do that again.")
I'm sitting at home, watching Buffy, thinking about how I should probably do some homework, or maybe just go over to [ profile] xoraclex's house to DDR. I look out the window, but she's not home yet. She's late! I sit down to watch more Buffy. Then the doorbell rings. She's home and safe!

I change clothes and go over to her house. Camille and her boyfriend Elliot are upstairs. Carlette's boyfriend Nick arrives shortly. We have ourselves a good old-fashioned snowed-in party. Everything sounds better with good old-fashioned in front of it.

Carlette makes dinner for her and Nick, and she makes me some steamed broccoli! YUM!!! It was delicious. We play a LOT of DDR. We're pretty good.

Then we all decide that we must make a pilgrimmage to the Circle K. But I don't have my coat! I'll just run home and get-- no, wait. Carlette loans me her puffy coat, day cat hat, gloves, and magic scarf. It's cool. The five of us set out in the snowy darkness for an adventure.

Nick can't take it. Halfway there he wants to set up camp and try and reach the summit in the morning. We urge him on, and soon we see it! The lights of the Circle K! They all run around getting foodstuffs, but I don't have my purse. Nick buys me a chocolate marshmallow (my FAV-O-RITE) after I promise to share my liquor cabinet with him.

Purchases made, we start the trek home. Elliot wants to make naked snow angels, but he is brutally rebuffed. This is a theme. We get home and take all our coats and shoes off, and then realize we have to go to my house for liquor. We just put the shoes back on.

I give them the vanilla vodka, cosmo mix, white russians, and Mike's. Get it out of my house!! Carlette mixes cosmos, and I have just a little. Yummy.

We do more DDR, and then we do Karaoke Revolution. Carlette and I are the Pips, and Nick is Gladys Knight! I come in second in the medley round!

Then Carlette insists we watch FLCL, which made no sense. Lain made more sense. Weird. I originally wanted to watch Kuromati High School again, but now it is bed time.

I'm not going to school tomorrow whether they're open or not. But I have to go to work.
I went to the Magic Castle arcade this morning to get my DDR on.

Imagine my surprise when I got to there and found that my normal DDR Extreme machine had been replaced with a DDR SuperNOVA machine!

At first I was excited because it was a shiny new machine! I thought it would be a good change of pace, because the Extreme songs had been getting a little stale. But they're like comfortable, old friends!

After four games, I don't think I prefer SuperNOVA over Extreme. The songs are...different. The grading is different. There aren't very many four or five-foot light songs. It's harder to tell when you're failing out. And the songs are definitely shorter. Extreme songs are all about 2 minutes long. These songs are definitely shorter....maybe one minute to a minute and a half. Blah.

So now if I want to play Extreme at the arcade I have to go to the Dayton Mall. Which has crappier hours. Blah.



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