Sabrina snores.
Alexandra, being high on catnip, is currently trying to eat her leg.

It is the cutest thing evar.
I opened the dryer to make sure the clothes were finished drying.  They were, so I left the kitchen and went back to my show.  I didn't make absolutely sure the dryer door was closed.

You see where I'm going with this, don't you?

When I came back 20 minutes later to actually get the clothes out of the dryer, I found this:

More kitty dryer pics! )
I am SOOOO buying this for Bat.  (The outdoor version)

He is driving me nuts already this season trying to get outside, and it's not even spring yet.

Thanks to [ profile] eyesofachild for the suggestion!! ^_^
My dad just called and said they had to put Ziggy to sleep. :-(
Ziggy was my cat, my regal prince.

We adopted him 9 years ago, after my cat Cuddles died an unexplainable death. I told mom I needed a kitten to snuggle with after Cuddles, and after throwing a lovely tantrum, we got Ziggy. Mom said, jokingly, "Let's call him Sam" and I said, "Oh please, if we're going to name him after Quantum Leap, we should name him Ziggy." And so we did. He fit in the palm of my 11 year old hand at first! Then he became this massive furry puffball.

He was ALWAYS very regal, even when he became comically fat. He was my regal prince. I taught him to come when he was called. He LOVED his toy, Ralph. He was my Ziggaurat.

Even when I left home, I was always his human.

He died of cancer. He couldn't eat or breathe, and we had to put him down this morning.

Ziggy Morris, RIP 1991-2001.



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