Hooray I got my hairs redyed! I love new hair day, it is one of my favorite days. I come out of the salon feeling really good about myself and loving the way I look.

I worked 2.5 hours this morning at the branch that first hired me as a substitute. It was relatively easy and that last 2.5 hours got me up to a full 40 hours this week. However, I am now exhausted because I don't usually work 40 hours a week. I was practically falling asleep in the salon chair.

I'm going to a graduation party in four hours, and I'm thinking a petite nap might be just the thing. If only it wouldn't mess up my hair!


Today was mostly filler. Tonight is supposedly the largest full moon of the year? I haven't seen it. It's so cold outside it hurts.

My family went to the Madrigal Dinner tonight at Wright State, and it was very pleasant. There was nog. LOTS of nog. I'll recap it tomorrow, because now I'm just kind of writing enough so that I can say I made an entry for Holidailies and then go to bed so I can work tomorrow and then get my hairs dyed and then go to my friend's graduation party and then sleep maybe somewhere, sometime.


Hey, my work is on the news!

The Dayton Metro Library is in the news because we surpassed 7 million items checked out in one year this year. Apparently the crew was filming at Main this morning, and I didn't come in to work until noon. I'm sad, because I WANT TO BE ON TV!! I would have been bouncing around in front of the camera saying "Film me! Film me!"

The man in the suit being interviewed is the director of the library.

You can totally see my department and my coworkers! Yay my department! Hello coworkers! Hmmph. Filmed them instead of me.

You can see our patrons illegally burning CDs onto their computers! Hello patrons! Hope the RIAA isn't watching!

Still, it's good publicity for the library, and I'm proud of my work. Good job, Dayton Metro Library!

I heard about Holidailies from [livejournal.com profile] sistercoyote and I thought, "Hey! I like things!" so I decided to join up. These posts will be temporarily public until January 7 to comply with the rules of the program.

Introduction )

If you came here from the Holidailies site, welcome! Everyone else, I hope you found the reintroduction entertaining ^_^


I threw my back out in my workout this morning. ;_; I am now in incredible amounts of pain. It hurts to sit. It hurts to stand. It hurts to walk. It makes me gasp in pain to bend or climb stairs. I want to cry. I am nauseous from the pain.

And now I have to work for six hours.

Darn the every-four-hours, I'm taking some more ibuprofen!!

Not to be confused with a mastur-- oh forget it.



It is a Strawberry Cheesecake Torte for my department's carry-in tomorrow. I have to work 12-9 tonight, and it needs time to set, so I had to get up early today to make it.


Ok, there were a few structural integrity issues. But it TASTES delicious!

And now: the eating of the leftovers.
Several hours and one chest x-ray later, I do not have pneumonia. But I do have narcotic cough syrup!

The doctors said they heard something in my lower chest that they thought might be pneumonia. While waiting for the radiology tech, mom and I discussed the possibilities:

Me: Pneumonia!

Mom: You've never had pneumonia before.

Me: How can I have never had pneumonia?

Mom: I've never had pneumonia!

Me: Well then what was that really bad thing I had when I was a kid?

Mom: That was Scarlet Fever.

Me: Scarlet Fever. Who gets that anymore? That's like getting polio or something.

However the x-ray showed no pneumonia, so they left me with my hydrocodone cough syrup and instructions to see my doctor Monday if I'm not any better.

The cough syrup is wonderful, but oooo, hydrocodone makes me ill. I woke up at 4am when the first dose wore off and I desperately needed more; my throat was on fire.

I made it to the bottom of the stairs all right, but once I got to the living room my body was like "Ok, we need to be lying down now," and my legs pretty much gave out and I collapsed. I lay there for about 5-10 minutes in a daze until I felt I could make my way to the kitchen. Fun fun.

I came in to work late today, feeling like death warmed over. I didn't want to come in at all, but I need the hours :-( I don't want to use my sick time or my comp time.
Last night They Might Be Giants performed in the Cincinnati area for the first time since April 2002. They played at the Southgate House in Newport, KY.

I had to work until 9pm in Dayton, but there was no way I was missing TMBG playing in my hometown! I got into my special zooming lane right after work and made it there right before 10pm.

When I walked in they were just starting "Phone Calls from the Dead," so I did miss about half the show :-( But it was still SO SO SO SO worth it. Jerry Orbach was the beyond-the-grave caller last night. He had a lot to say.

I missed "She's an Angel," which I am BESIDE MYSELF sad about, because they haven't been playing it a lot on this tour. SAD. Maybe they'll play it again tonight, but it's highly doubtful :-(

Highlights that I heard: "I'm Impressed," "Istanbul," "Dr. Worm," "Museum of Idiots," and "Ant."

They have a horn section on tour with them, and let me just say you have not heard Istanbul in it's proper format until you've heard it with the horns.

I've never heard Museum of Idiots or Ant live before!

I would have driven two hours and back JUST to hear them play Dr. Worm.

After the show I ran up to the front. I managed to get Flans' set list, and then I got Marty (the drummer) to autograph it. CHOUETTE!! I clearly win.

I also bought the new Mesopotamians t-shirt. I really wanted the Road Crew Hoodie, but they didn't have it for sale :-(

Ok, I'm still kicking myself about missing She's an Angel. I need to commit seppuku or something. ARRGH! ANGEL!!

Set list )

During Particle Man Linell went into this AWESOMELY fantastic improv about how Jerry Orbach's donated eyeballs would come back to fight against Triangle Man, but Triangle Man would win in the end. OMG. Had to be seen to be believed.

Did I mention I love Them? I love Them. So awesome. I'm going to see Them TONIGHT in Columbus, and I get to see the whole show tonight! Flans did make a comment about playing last night in Newport, KY and then playing the next night in Ohio at a venue called the Newport.
To do this weekend (aka: OMG I HATE THE END OF THE QUARTER)

  • Attend Astronomy Club meeting
  • Skip French club, go to Barnes and Noble to work
  • Translate four songs from French to English
  • Correct all the translations I've done so far in class for my portfolio
  • Go home and die

  • Work 8:30-5:30
  • Go to Panera to work
  • Write 10-minute spanish presentation on person from Argentina
  • Go see Carlette and Nick's play! YAY!! ^_^
  • Go home and die

  • Go to Barnes and Noble to work
  • Study vocabulary for test on Monday
  • Finish Spanish presentation, practice practice practice
  • Work on Spanish final: leading a controversial discussion
  • Finish any work on the French songs/portfolio work I haven't done
  • Go home and die

Any items that check out from the library today are due back on my birthday.

Simpsons movie = awesome.

I went to the midnight show last night with my friend C. from work. The theatre was sold out. The guest services guy came out to do the pre-show announcement, and he said "Hi everybody!" and the entire theatre came back with "Hi Dr. Nick!" It was kinda creepy.

The movie was hysterical. Spoilers....I guess. )

Now I am very very very tired. And one of my coworker's pissed me off, so I'm grumpy. Grumpy and tired and full of espresso.
I am sooooooooooooo bored ;_;
Yesterday was Pirate Day at work. ARRR! I'm a pirate!!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow around 5:45pm, but I can't say why yet.

Today is the longest day of the year, which always makes me sad. *sigh* The sun is going to start disappearing again. Why must it go away ;_; Yesterday it was so nice to get out of work at 9pm and have it still be so light out.

  • Yesterday Carlette, Nick and I went out to karaoke. I sang Mouth and Sunday Morning. It was a good time, but it got too crowded at the end and we didn't get to sing as much as we'd like.

  • I worked from 8:30-12:30 this morning and then subbed at a branch from 4:30-8:30 this evening. I'm exhausted. The branch was dead and BORING. At least they pay me.

  • I finally saw Pan's Labyrinth. Holy cats, that's a good movie. I mean, it's creepy and violent and scary. But good. I want to buy it.

  • Easy checkout has begun in my department. That's a post of its own.

  • I'm going to Michigan on Saturday to see [livejournal.com profile] winterswitchery, [livejournal.com profile] kaichou, and [livejournal.com profile] pirogoeth ^_^ I can't wait!

  • Therapy resumes tomorrow after a three-week hiatus. This is Good.

  • I want to go to The Beach. I have a season pass. Anyone else want to go? LET'S GO TO THE BEACH. A LOT.

  • Still don't have my final grade. Grades are due tomorrow. YOU'RE KILLING ME, PROF!

pennywhistle: (life sucks by eyesthatslay)

I just found out Enter the Haggis will be at the Dublin Pub IN DAYTON on June 13. Which is of course a fucking Wednesday. Of course I work every fucking Wednesday night.

I worked the Latino Health Fair today as part of the library's Outreach Program.

I really, really lack confidence in my Spanish conversation skills. There was another woman working with me; Spanish was her native language, but she hasn't used it in over 40 years, so she's rusty as well. Still, she speaks much better than I do. I was listening to her, and thinking "I know all those words. Why can't I think to say that?" I can read and comprehend fine. Speaking = crap.

Still, I was pleased with how well I did considering I've barely glanced at Spanish all quarter. I need to keep it up over the summer. I need to make myself speak Spanish more.
I knew that dancing around and singing "I don't have to work today! I don't have to work today!" would guarantee that I'd be called in... :-\
I may be drunk. Oh, who am I kidding, I am drunk ^_~

Pretty good weekend.

Last night [livejournal.com profile] xoraclex and I went to see [livejournal.com profile] sirendream in the premiere of her new show, Mariel. It was a really cute show, and Marcy was SO adorable! I can't believe it's been four years since I've seen her. She was fantastic in the show; I told Carlette she made the most adorable '80s teenager. ^_^ We must get together again before she leaves town!

I had to work all weekend, which sucked :-( But I got some readings done for homework. I got a 100% on my first Access quiz (Access is a database program, true or false?). Some good things happened.

Tonight was my family's Passover seder. I love seder. The food is delicious, the jokes are always the same. OMG charoses. I ate all the charoses. Ok, not really, but I ate a lot of charoses. I am SO full. I also had some wine. Just a little. Pretty much every time I thought "Dear God, what did I do?" *chug glass of wine* Anyway, it was really nice to be with my family for the holiday, and I'm so glad that Carlette could be a part of the celebration. It was a really nice evening.

I'm also glad that Carlette was willing to drive home. Because did I mention many, many glasses of wine? ^_~
I'm so very tired and so very manic. I barely slept at all last night.

I finally upped my dosage of Topamax today. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.

Last night was Carlette's first night working at the library. We had a lot of fun working together. We laughed so much. We're pretty funny. I wish we could work together all the time. I like to talk about Carlette in my journal because she is just so cool.

My car is getting its 120,000 mile service today, so I get to drive my mom's brand new Hybrid! *pets the shiny*

The strength training I've been doing combined with the rain has really aggravated my tendonitis ;_;
Last night I emailed Carlette and told her we needed to get our karaoke on, as it had been far too long. We went to the usual Wednesday night karaoke place, but our favorite host, Nancy Sell was not there! She's cutting back her late-night hours apparently, and stopped doing Wednesday night karaoke. So the guy who normally does Sunday night karaoke was there, and he SUCKED. His music sucked. He didn't know how to work his own equipement. It wasn't fun.

I sang "Like a Prayer," but the screen was rolling the whole time, and by the end of the song I was feeling nauseous. Carlette sang "Bring Me Some Water," but he didn't turn off the vocal track, so it was like she was singing along to the CD. Lame. We left disappointed, but with plans to go see Nancy on Monday night.

I came back to Carlette's for a bit, but then I was tired and came home and read my newest Inu-Yasha book and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and went downstairs to get a pill. I noticed it was freezing downstairs. What the hell? Oh, my back door is wide open. That's lovely. VERY luckily the cats were still inside, all my possessions were still inside, and I'm still alive.

I went back upstairs and dozed until Carlette called me for my "official" wake-up call. We each hopped into our respective showers and then set off for our Day of Fun!

But then tragedy struck. Carlette needed to call Planned Parenthood to make an appointment for a check up. You know, because they have other services than just killing babies. She couldn't get 411 to work on her phone, so I lent her mine. The 411 operator connected her to a church! I was so outraged. I grabbed the phone back, called 411, and demanded to speak to a supervisor. I explained what happened and the woman said that she would credit the call. I stated that I felt what the operator had done was extremely inappropriate, and I felt that the supervisor needed to speak with her about it. Silence on the other end. I repeated my statement in slightly different wording. Silence on the other end. I asked her if she heard me, and then she gets attitude and starts getting uppity with me. I bitched right back at her and told her I was done with the conversation. But OOOO, I was so pissed! You should try calling and asking 411 for the number for Planned Parenthood and see what they do.

Finally we got to the mall to get our hairs cut. I just wanted to trim off my split ends; I'm growing my hair out to donate it as part of my Mission 101. My hair needs to be between 8-10 inches to donate, and the stylist told me that my hair was right at 8 inches, so I could have cut it all off and donated it today. The thought was really tempting and exciting. But I decided to just get the split ends cut off and then grow it back out to a full length. Carlette got a really cute new style that is not too short ^_^

We went to the arcade to play DDR. We only played four rounds because we were getting sweaty and hungry. I tried on some jeans at Deb's, but I didn't like them.

Then we went to SAKE for lunch. *choir of angels singing* I <3 that place so much! Oh, the rice! Oh, the sushi! Oh, the ginger ginger ginger!! Oh, the j-pop from 1999 that brings me right back to the good ol' VA days! ^_~ Yum!!

While we were browsing Half-Price Books after dinner, work called me in early. You know I don't mind going to work. So here I am.



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