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If you ever added swwerth here on DW, that journal is going to stay a French-only journal, whenever I get the inclination to update it.

This journal will be my mirror to my LJ.
I believe this has just won the internet.

Yesterday I went to see Mozart l'opéra rock. I have wanted to see this musical since before I even left for France -- I knew it was going to be something I was going to do while I was here. I finally saw it, and it was equal parts wonderful and disappointing :-\

And I am a HUGE fan of Florent Mothe, the guy who plays Salieri. His singing voice is incredible, and it helps that he looks really hawt as the beaten down, brooding genius. Most of my favorite songs in the show are Florent/Salieri's songs. I was SO SO SO looking to hearing Florent sing the songs live. Can you guess what happened? Of course. UNDERSTUDY. Every other principal performer was there -- Mikelangelo Loconte as Mozart was fantastic and still appeared to be having so much fun in his role even though he's been doing it twice a day almost every day since September. And then Salieri came on stage and it wasn't Florent.

I was so disappointed I nearly started to cry. Not!Florent went through the songs, and they sounded so off, I really had trouble enjoying some of them.

They also cut two songs from the show that were on the CD, and one of them was one of my favorites. I wonder if it will be on the DVD version, because I have a cam-version of the show from October in Paris, and it's not on there either, so I don't know if it was cut from the show early, or just never appeared at all, but they kept it for the CD :-\

At the end of the curtain call, Not!Florent brought out a guitar and sang "L'assasymphonie" acoustically with the whole troupe, which was cool, but WOULD HAVE BEEN COOLER WITH FLORENT. Ahem.

After the show I joined the mob scene for autographs. It was complètement fou. People were pushing and screaming and shoving. I managed to get three autographs -- one from Melissa Mars (Aloysia Weber), Solal (Leopold Mozart) and one from Mikelangelo/Mozart himself. Florent never came out, though I was hoping he would :-(

So, in honor of my completely Florent-less day yesterday, I have decided to bring you some Florent pic-spam!!

Epic Picspam )

At least when I go to see Christophe in June, I know I'll GET Christophe, and not a double. :-p

I need Mozart icons.



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