I missed Holidailies yesterday. I was busy cleaning all day before Shadowbox, and afterwards I was feeling sad and just wanted to go to bed.

Tonight I am at my parent's house in Cincinnati because it is holiday cookie baking time! My mom has been baking holiday cookies since my sister and I were in elementary school. Now that we're not in school during the holidays, she pretty just makes them for her office, but I also get some for my friends and coworkers.

Tonight we made fudge, pralines, bourbon balls, and white chocolate mint candy.

Tomorrow we're making puppy chow, double chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter bars, fudge nut layer bars, strawberry white chocolate bars, nutmeg logs, shortbread, and lemon cookies.

Hooray I got my hairs redyed! I love new hair day, it is one of my favorite days. I come out of the salon feeling really good about myself and loving the way I look.

I worked 2.5 hours this morning at the branch that first hired me as a substitute. It was relatively easy and that last 2.5 hours got me up to a full 40 hours this week. However, I am now exhausted because I don't usually work 40 hours a week. I was practically falling asleep in the salon chair.

I'm going to a graduation party in four hours, and I'm thinking a petite nap might be just the thing. If only it wouldn't mess up my hair!


Today was mostly filler. Tonight is supposedly the largest full moon of the year? I haven't seen it. It's so cold outside it hurts.

My family went to the Madrigal Dinner tonight at Wright State, and it was very pleasant. There was nog. LOTS of nog. I'll recap it tomorrow, because now I'm just kind of writing enough so that I can say I made an entry for Holidailies and then go to bed so I can work tomorrow and then get my hairs dyed and then go to my friend's graduation party and then sleep maybe somewhere, sometime.


Hey, my work is on the news!

The Dayton Metro Library is in the news because we surpassed 7 million items checked out in one year this year. Apparently the crew was filming at Main this morning, and I didn't come in to work until noon. I'm sad, because I WANT TO BE ON TV!! I would have been bouncing around in front of the camera saying "Film me! Film me!"

The man in the suit being interviewed is the director of the library.

You can totally see my department and my coworkers! Yay my department! Hello coworkers! Hmmph. Filmed them instead of me.

You can see our patrons illegally burning CDs onto their computers! Hello patrons! Hope the RIAA isn't watching!

Still, it's good publicity for the library, and I'm proud of my work. Good job, Dayton Metro Library!

Do you still live in the place where you grew up? How far away are you now, and why?

I grew up in Cincinnati. I lived in the same house for nearly 23 years. I moved 45 minutes north to Dayton, OH almost five years ago so I could finish school. I'm hoping to move to France in 2009. I WOULD LIKE TO GET OUT OF OHIO PLZ KTHX.
Dear Santa,

What up, yo? Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote to you. In regards to my last letter, please be assured I'm not bitter that you never brought me that My Little Pony flutter pony I asked for. I get it. You gotta take care of your own people, and times were tough back in the '80s.

I have a problem, Santa, and that's why I'm writing you now. I'm hoping you can help me. Remember back 20 years ago or so when Christmas was confined to just Decemeber? Then it started leaking into "after Thanksgiving," and that was all right, I guess, though I do get really tired of people asking me "so are you ready for Christmas?" ("Yup." I reply. Ready to watch a movie and eat sushi? Sure am.)

But now, Santa, Christmas is starting in September! September!! This has to be hard on you and the elves. It's added to your production time, and it gives kids more time to add to their lists. Frankly, it makes everyone cranky by the time December finally gets here because they're so sick of hearing "Christmas is coming! Are you ready! Christmas is coming!" for months on end. They're fed up. There's only so much Christmas the world can take, Santa. It's too much.

So I'm writing you today to ask, could we cut it back, please? Could you make everyone agree not to mention Christmas until mid-November maybe? That would be swell. Thanks Santa. Give the reindeer a hug for me.


Describe your holiday decorating techniques.

Um...minimalist? Actually, Hannukah is the only holiday I do decorate for -- besides my birthday of course. My birthday is a major holiday.

I tape all the holiday cards I receive to the window seat. When Hannukah begins I bring the menorah down and it stays in the kitchen for 8 days; of course I light the appropriate number of candles each night.

Aaaaaaaaaand that's the extent of my holiday decorating.

I heard about Holidailies from [livejournal.com profile] sistercoyote and I thought, "Hey! I like things!" so I decided to join up. These posts will be temporarily public until January 7 to comply with the rules of the program.

Introduction )

If you came here from the Holidailies site, welcome! Everyone else, I hope you found the reintroduction entertaining ^_^



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