Wednesday night I trekked to Columbus to see THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS for the second night in a row.

I lucked out and got a superclose parking spot AND my car didn't get towed! (The venue is near OSU's campus, where they tow you pretty much just for looking at them funny)

I managed to stake out a place three rows back left of center; Flans' side -- no, I don't know why I went Flans-side instead of Linnell-side like I usually do. Change of pace.

I made a friend while we were waiting for the opening act to start, because that's what I do. The guy next to me started asking me questions about how many times I'd seen them, what other concerts I'd seen, what I liked about them, and we branched off into other topics and it turns out he's doing Nanowrimo too, and he was recently in Paris, so we were gushing about that. Made the waiting time go faster.

The opening act was Oppenheimer, and they surprisingly did not suck. I have seen a lot of opening acts in my time, and let me tell you: the vast majority of them suck. The last time I saw a non-sucky TMBG opener I think was when Cub opened for them on the Factory Showroom tour.

Then They Might Be Giants came on!! YAY!! Ok, I love them to death, and the concert was absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt awesome. BUT. They played the exact same setlist as the night before. Like, a carbon copy. I mean, so YAY! I got to hear "She's an Angel!" And I loved every minute of it! But dude....I got Marty's set list after the show, and it is literally a copy, they just wrote in "Columbus" instead of "Newport, KY." So, the exact same songs as the night before.

Racer X was the caller on "Phone Calls from the Dead," though. Didn't go over as well as Jerry Orbach, but then, who does? Linell later did a shorter improv in the middle of Particle Man about how Racer X would try fighting Triangle Man, but it was nowhere near as awesome as the improv about Jerry Orbach's donated eyes.

Still, all in all, amazing show. I danced my ass off, I screamed my heart out, I want Linnell to have my babies.

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Videos - Sound quality pretty much sucks. I still watch them.

Alphabet of Nations

Mr. Me
Last night They Might Be Giants performed in the Cincinnati area for the first time since April 2002. They played at the Southgate House in Newport, KY.

I had to work until 9pm in Dayton, but there was no way I was missing TMBG playing in my hometown! I got into my special zooming lane right after work and made it there right before 10pm.

When I walked in they were just starting "Phone Calls from the Dead," so I did miss about half the show :-( But it was still SO SO SO SO worth it. Jerry Orbach was the beyond-the-grave caller last night. He had a lot to say.

I missed "She's an Angel," which I am BESIDE MYSELF sad about, because they haven't been playing it a lot on this tour. SAD. Maybe they'll play it again tonight, but it's highly doubtful :-(

Highlights that I heard: "I'm Impressed," "Istanbul," "Dr. Worm," "Museum of Idiots," and "Ant."

They have a horn section on tour with them, and let me just say you have not heard Istanbul in it's proper format until you've heard it with the horns.

I've never heard Museum of Idiots or Ant live before!

I would have driven two hours and back JUST to hear them play Dr. Worm.

After the show I ran up to the front. I managed to get Flans' set list, and then I got Marty (the drummer) to autograph it. CHOUETTE!! I clearly win.

I also bought the new Mesopotamians t-shirt. I really wanted the Road Crew Hoodie, but they didn't have it for sale :-(

Ok, I'm still kicking myself about missing She's an Angel. I need to commit seppuku or something. ARRGH! ANGEL!!

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During Particle Man Linell went into this AWESOMELY fantastic improv about how Jerry Orbach's donated eyeballs would come back to fight against Triangle Man, but Triangle Man would win in the end. OMG. Had to be seen to be believed.

Did I mention I love Them? I love Them. So awesome. I'm going to see Them TONIGHT in Columbus, and I get to see the whole show tonight! Flans did make a comment about playing last night in Newport, KY and then playing the next night in Ohio at a venue called the Newport.
Saturday Carlette and I drove to Cleveland on Saturday to see They Might Be Giants!

On the first leg of the trip I was sooo tired. I was closing my eyes extra long, thinking "Just a few seconds...just a few more seconds." Bad sign for the start of a three and a half hour trip. Fortunately we stoped in Columbus for caffeine and chocolate, and I felt much better!

Carlette's boyfriend Nick loaned us his GPS unit, named Janine, and we used her to find dinner. First we found Grandpa's Cheesebarn...

But sadly, it was closed.

...which was disappointing because we really wanted some barn cheese.

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TMBG will be performing in Newport, KY on November 6 and Columbus, OH on November 12.

I'll be there. Will YOU?

(Also September 14 in Louisville)

ETA: They haven't been in the Cincy area for, I want to say, 8 or 9 years. I notice They're still not coming to Cincinnati. Wonder what's up with that.

[ profile] xoraclex and I had been planning for over a month to go to St. Louis this weekend to see They Might Be Giants perform a free outdoor concert at a Mardi Gras festival. At first the weather forecast wasn't too bad. Upper 40s. Lower 40s. Then upper 30s. Ulp. The closer it got, the worse the forecast got. Neither of us were too thrilled about standing around for hours in the freezing cold and snow, so we changed our plans. It ended up being mid-20s with snow!

[ profile] ta2dmrm8 was kind enough to host a DDR and Karaoke Revolution party at her house! We brought Carlette's DDR games and metal dance pad and made the journey to Chez Laric in Columbus. It was fantastic to see Lara and Eric again! I haven't seen them in a looooong time! And it was wonderful to see their animals, especially poor little Beamer, who'd been injured the day before. She was so happy to see us!

We set up Carlette's dance pad and Lara's dance pad, and then Carlette and I showed off our mad skillz. It was nice to be seen as cool, since in the arcade we're not that great ^_~ We tried to give Lara and Eric helpful tips, as they were falling into the newbie trap of keeping their feet in the middle of the dance pad. Practice, practice, practice, that's how you get better!!

We danced for about two or three hours, and then Lara made us a delicious dinner of salad and fettucini alfredo with Shirataki noodles. YUM! I've got to find some of those!

After dinner we were much too full to DDR anymore, so we broke out Lara's new Karaoke Revolution: American Idol edition. We karaoke'd the night away! It was so much fun, and I'm glad we got Lara to sing! She's really good! I wish you all could hear her sing. Maybe someday we'll get her out to a karaoke bar ^_~ We couldn't get Eric to play, but he watched and snarked on the judging with us. It was such a fun, cozy, wonderful evening.

This morning Lara and Carlette and I were sitting around watching the VH1 countdown when my mom called and said, "Do you want to come in to work?" Um, yes please. I had been hoping you would call. So even though I was sad to leave so abruptly, we packed up quickly and headed back to Dayton!

Now I am avoiding my homework, for it is pure evil and must die. I would totally skip my classes tomorrow if I didn't have an advisor appointment. *sigh*

(I think we made the right choice to skip the TMBG concert. Apparently the power went out halfway through their set. Here are some quotes from people at [ profile] tmbg:
"I went, froze in the first row, and started feeling nauseous because of the cold and the aggressive pushing going on all around me."
"Even my care bear hat couldnt hold back the cold. Im still trying to rise my temperature after the show and several hours of waiting in the cold for a ride afterwards."
"Oh god...I dont ever want to do that again.")



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