Several hours and one chest x-ray later, I do not have pneumonia. But I do have narcotic cough syrup!

The doctors said they heard something in my lower chest that they thought might be pneumonia. While waiting for the radiology tech, mom and I discussed the possibilities:

Me: Pneumonia!

Mom: You've never had pneumonia before.

Me: How can I have never had pneumonia?

Mom: I've never had pneumonia!

Me: Well then what was that really bad thing I had when I was a kid?

Mom: That was Scarlet Fever.

Me: Scarlet Fever. Who gets that anymore? That's like getting polio or something.

However the x-ray showed no pneumonia, so they left me with my hydrocodone cough syrup and instructions to see my doctor Monday if I'm not any better.

The cough syrup is wonderful, but oooo, hydrocodone makes me ill. I woke up at 4am when the first dose wore off and I desperately needed more; my throat was on fire.

I made it to the bottom of the stairs all right, but once I got to the living room my body was like "Ok, we need to be lying down now," and my legs pretty much gave out and I collapsed. I lay there for about 5-10 minutes in a daze until I felt I could make my way to the kitchen. Fun fun.

I came in to work late today, feeling like death warmed over. I didn't want to come in at all, but I need the hours :-( I don't want to use my sick time or my comp time.
I am skipping French class right now parce que je suis malade. I would have skipped all my classes today, except I had a presentaciĆ³n oral en mi clase de espaƱol, so I couldn't skip that class. Now I'm here, and I really need to get my journal back in lit class, so I'll stay for that. Really, I was just too malade last night to do my homework for French class. So I'm skipping. And feeling ill. And going to take a nap in a minute. BLAH GENERAL MALAISE.
I felt like crappola last night and went to sleep at 8pm. I'd stopped at Kroger on my way home from work and picked up some Theraflu. Antihistimines = Pennysleepnow! But I forgot that my Zyrtec-D is also a decongestant, so I kinda double-dosed myself. Oops.

I slept soundly until 2am, when I woke up and fixed myself another dose of Theraflu. I could feel the antihistimine, but I couldn't get all the way to sleep, so I just dozed from about 5am-9am.

I woke up with a mission: I needed a humidifier, and I needed it NOW. My throat and nose were bone dry, the cats are full of static electricity; I've been putting it off too long.

Unfortunately, there was about 2 inches of snow outside, and the roads were not plowed or treated. Blah. I got dressed and ventured out anyway. This was my first time driving the Camry in real snow. It handles so much better than the little manual-drive Mazda! There were several points along the drive where I thought to myself, "Yep, that's where the Mazda would have gotten stuck. That's where it would have been over for me."

I made it to and from Target safely. I wasn't sure which kind of humidifier I was going to buy until I saw it. Yes, I'm willing to admit I may have a problem. It's so cute! ^_^ I also picked up some Airborne.

I came home, ran the humidifier for about an hour, took a dose of Airborne, and I have to admit I'm feeling a lot better. Still a lot of drainage, which is ucky, but much less general malaise. Here's hoping I've fought off whatever I was coming down with.
Ugh, I think I'm getting sick.

And I'm working all day today and tomorrow.

And I still have not received my insurance cards for my crappy student health insurance.




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