Do you still live in the place where you grew up? How far away are you now, and why?

I grew up in Cincinnati. I lived in the same house for nearly 23 years. I moved 45 minutes north to Dayton, OH almost five years ago so I could finish school. I'm hoping to move to France in 2009. I WOULD LIKE TO GET OUT OF OHIO PLZ KTHX.
I heard about Holidailies from [ profile] sistercoyote and I thought, "Hey! I like things!" so I decided to join up. These posts will be temporarily public until January 7 to comply with the rules of the program.

Introduction )

If you came here from the Holidailies site, welcome! Everyone else, I hope you found the reintroduction entertaining ^_^

Wright State is closed until noon -- I'll take it!

*does the "I-didn't-have-to-go-to-French-class" dance*

Now the real question is, do I get dressed, get bundled up, drive all the way out there for ONE class on a Friday afternoon and then come all the way home.... or do I stay here warm and cozy in my pajamas, snuggled by kitties?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ^_^

Oh are so very comfy.

ETA: [ profile] obieggfromhell alerted me that they just closed school for the rest of the day. WE WIN!!!
We did not have a snow day today, despite me wanting one very badly. There was nothing I particularly wanted to avoid, I just really could have used a day away from classes.

But I went, and the day actually moved very smoothly and was pretty nice, so I can't complain. I handed out my Hello Kitty Valentine cards to my friends and teachers, since I won't be at school tomorrow. For my journal entry in French Conversation the assigned task was to write instructions for something; pretty open-ended. So I wrote instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's rather funny, and I'll try to remember to post it here later.

I received a 98% on the big French presentation I did on Monday! I am kicking ass in my French literature class. Who knew?

My Spanish teacher postponed our test from Friday until next Monday which is a HUGE relief, because I was nowhere close to being ready by Friday. I've been getting really good grades on the oral portion of the class, but I completely bombed the first written test, so I really need to do well on this next test to bring up that portion of my grade.

Tomorrow I have to get a fasting blood draw, just routine, a part of my physical. I just really, really hate having blood drawn :-( I'm ok with needles and shots, but I hate having things in my veins. My veins like to hide and be difficult, which leads to more pain and suffering and woe. ;_;
Ok, this is pretty cute: David's New Snail

Stolen from [ profile] adoraluna

We were supposed to have a MAJOR SNOW STORM OF DEATH, but I see barely two inches outside, if that. And yet, school is still closed all day. Well, I don't have school today, people, so that's not helpful! Hmmph. I wanted school to be canceled tomorrow! Now I still have to go to work tonight and school tomorrow. Durnit.
This morning I had a phone interview with my Spanish teacher at 7am, which meant I had to be awake and coherent enough to hold not just a conversation, but a conversation in Spanish at 7am, which meant waking up even earlier.

I am now exhausted, and will probably head to bed shortly.

Sabrina is staring at me like she thinks I might give her some of my rice krispie treat, but OH HOW WRONG SHE IS!

It is my rice krispie treat.
I was in a skit today in all three of my classes.

Fall 07 Grades
Fall 07 Grades

I finished writing my Spanish presentation!!

Now I just have to memorize it by 8:30am on Tuesday!!

It is three full pages of Spanish!!

I foresee getting NO sleep in the next two days week!!!


And because that list wasn't enough, my FR311 teacher suddenly adds on 2 more presentations plus a bunch of crap.


This is me having my usual end-of-quarter breakdown.

To do this weekend (aka: OMG I HATE THE END OF THE QUARTER)

  • Attend Astronomy Club meeting
  • Skip French club, go to Barnes and Noble to work
  • Translate four songs from French to English
  • Correct all the translations I've done so far in class for my portfolio
  • Go home and die

  • Work 8:30-5:30
  • Go to Panera to work
  • Write 10-minute spanish presentation on person from Argentina
  • Go see Carlette and Nick's play! YAY!! ^_^
  • Go home and die

  • Go to Barnes and Noble to work
  • Study vocabulary for test on Monday
  • Finish Spanish presentation, practice practice practice
  • Work on Spanish final: leading a controversial discussion
  • Finish any work on the French songs/portfolio work I haven't done
  • Go home and die

It is FREEZING in my house ;_; It was 59 inside this morning. I tried to turn the furnace on, but it started making an awful grinding sparking noise, so I turned it off. So it is still freezing.

It is freezing at work. They haven't turned the furnace on here either.

It is freezing at school. I think they still have the a/c on!

Yesterday the fire alarm went off while I was in Millett. We all had to evacuate the building. MORE COLD.

I went to the first meeting of the new WSU Astronomy Club. There was a girl from my astronomy class at Sinclair there! We remarked that it was funny seeing each other again, since it had been two years. Now I'm an active member of four clubs, which is a lot, but they're all very diverse! Astronomy Club, French Club, FMLA, and Dean's Student Advisory Board.
Crossposted to [ profile] afrancais:

My French homework this weekend was to write a faerie tale and translate it into French. I thought some of you might like to see what I came up with ^_^

English version )

French version )
All in the name of "education..."

Swiss Firefighters Rap

Bouge De La - MC Solaar

Que Hora Es - Cedric the Entertainer (REALLY funny) ^_^
Nerd alert:

In doing research for my French presentation, I'm reading a relevant Spanish website.

It was a link from the Wikipedia site, and it said (in French). I stared at it for a good minute before going, "I can read this, but it isn't French. This is Spanish."

pennywhistle: (life sucks by eyesthatslay)
Stupid French youth with their stupid Verlan slang making it impossible for me to figure out how to translate this stupid song that's due tostupidmorrow.
We have to do a translation of a song this weekend for my French Composition class.

I was debating between doing a Vienna Teng song or a Libbie Schrader song. But then I thought Vienna's lyrics might be more difficult because she uses a lot more symbolism and Libbie's lyrics -- I love them, don't get me wrong -- are a lot simpler and more straightforward.

Then I heard Blue Caravan this afternoon while driving home, and I thought it might be fun to translate. I love the sad twist at the end of the song. So I'm going to give it a whirl, but if it proves to be too difficult, I'll go back to a Libbie song.

  • Yesterday Carlette, Nick and I went out to karaoke. I sang Mouth and Sunday Morning. It was a good time, but it got too crowded at the end and we didn't get to sing as much as we'd like.

  • I worked from 8:30-12:30 this morning and then subbed at a branch from 4:30-8:30 this evening. I'm exhausted. The branch was dead and BORING. At least they pay me.

  • I finally saw Pan's Labyrinth. Holy cats, that's a good movie. I mean, it's creepy and violent and scary. But good. I want to buy it.

  • Easy checkout has begun in my department. That's a post of its own.

  • I'm going to Michigan on Saturday to see [ profile] winterswitchery, [ profile] kaichou, and [ profile] pirogoeth ^_^ I can't wait!

  • Therapy resumes tomorrow after a three-week hiatus. This is Good.

  • I want to go to The Beach. I have a season pass. Anyone else want to go? LET'S GO TO THE BEACH. A LOT.

  • Still don't have my final grade. Grades are due tomorrow. YOU'RE KILLING ME, PROF!

I hosted a pretty successful clothing swap this afternoon. Sadly, I now have a REALLY empty closet.

Everyone went home with some clothes, which was good. I got some new tops and a nice new pair of jeans. I've been NEEDING new tops because all of mine are too big.

After everyone left, Carlette and I went out for sushi. I've been craving sushi for over a week, and I finally gave in to it. SO GOOD. I stuffed myself overfull and now I have heartburn ;-p

I'm stunned by my lack of things-to-do for the next three months. Whoa! School is over! I made it through my first year at Wright State! ^_^ Not all my grades are in Shakespeare teacher is making me sweat.

I've got a few projects in mind for the summer. Besides work and working out, I've got a new paint-by-number set (I've worked on a different paint-by-number for the last three summers. Not finished, but worked on...), and I've decided to learn to make bento lunches. I'll share pictures here if they come out well.

And of course, I also have to keep up with my French and Spanish so I won't fall behind in the fall!
Paper = done

Bibliography = tomorrow

Penny = bed



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