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Mar. 4th, 2002 12:25 pm
I like what Susie's been doing with her blog...I think I'm gonna start doing a "top ten" of things on my mind.

Now that I've informed you, it's not nearly as cool as if I'd just DONE it.

Well, here's the first one: Music. Music is on my mind. My favorites are fluid, as different artists musics possess me, until I've had my fill. Here are the current artists that I just can't get enough of.

Number One: Vienna Teng

I discovered Vienna on mp3.com. It's like finding a diamond necklace in a box full of cubic zirconia. I can't gush enough about how beautiful and consuming her music is. If only I lived in California so I could see her play live...

Number Two: Michelle Branch

I bought Michelle's album because I liked "Everywhere," I listened to it a few times, and then sold it. Now I'm regretting it as "All You Wanted" becomes a new hit. In all fairness, I bought Michelle's album while I was waiting to receive Vienna's, so I think I just didn't get into it because I was craving Vienna.

Number Three: Takako Uehara

The quiet one from the now defunct J-pop band Speed. Her songs are very ethereal and sweet, making her my second favorite Speed member behind Eriko (who's number one mainly cause she's so cute).

That's all for now, I suppose...I'm listening to my Vienna CD and can't think of anyone else at the moment ^^;;



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