Ok, this is pretty cute: David's New Snail

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] adoraluna

We were supposed to have a MAJOR SNOW STORM OF DEATH, but I see barely two inches outside, if that. And yet, school is still closed all day. Well, I don't have school today, people, so that's not helpful! Hmmph. I wanted school to be canceled tomorrow! Now I still have to go to work tonight and school tomorrow. Durnit.
Stargaze tonight is canceled due to the weather not cooperating.

In other news, I got my hair cut and redyed, and I look ADORABLE. Everyone in the shop was saying how good the color looks on me. I love it! I don't want to sleep on it tonight ^^;;

ETA: Apparently I've been ordered to take pictures ;-p


This morning I had a phone interview with my Spanish teacher at 7am, which meant I had to be awake and coherent enough to hold not just a conversation, but a conversation in Spanish at 7am, which meant waking up even earlier.

I am now exhausted, and will probably head to bed shortly.

Sabrina is staring at me like she thinks I might give her some of my rice krispie treat, but OH HOW WRONG SHE IS!

It is my rice krispie treat.
I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] soleta_nf, and it certainly is more entertaining than my French homework ^_~

Two names you go by:
1. Penny
2. Malanai
Two things you are wearing right now
1. A cranberry-colored sweater
2. Brown courdoroy pants
Two of your favorite things to do
1. DDR
2. Read my friends list
Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. Sleep
2. Spring!
Two favorite pets you have/had
1. Sabrina/Bat/Alex - my now kitties
2. Cuddles - my cat when I was a child
Two people who will fill this out
1. Consider this a tag - [livejournal.com profile] obieggfromhell!
2. And [livejournal.com profile] nemesina!
Two things you ate today.
1. Fruity Cheerios
2. Trader Joe's kalamata olive hummus
Two people you last talked to
1. Patrons
2. My coworkers
Two things you're doing tomorrow
1. Going to school (*sends cancellation vibes*)
2. Going to a study-abroad meeting
Two longest car rides
1. Cincinnati, OH to Miami, FL
2. Cincinnati, OH to Toronto, ON by way of Jackson, MI
Two favorite holidays
1. My birthday
2. Halloween
Two favorite beverages
1. Starbucks Mocha
2. Caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper
Two favorite TV shows (right now)
1. Psych
2. How I Met Your Mother
"I am so in love with that incredibly charming guy who can't leave the voicemail and keeps deleting it because he has so very many minutes on his cell phone. I don't watch commercials, but I always watch those ones, because he's the greatest thing on TV right now. I like it more than my previous favorite commercial, where the boy wanders the streets waiting for the girl to call, and then finally all the buildings in the city line up in order of height and then romance happens, which used to make me cry. I think of this voicemail man commercial less as a request for me to buy a product, since we have the same carrier -- me in real life, he inside the TV -- as a very short romantic drama, like the Twitter of love shows. Where have I seen that guy before? Man, I wish he had his own channel. Mark my words: you've seen him before and you'll see him again, because he is something special. And, I hear, a pretty good salsa dancer."

--From TWOP
I check LJs....business as usual.

I check cincinnati.com for news.

Heath Ledger has died. ;_;

I check LJs again...several posts like this one.

It's a damned shame. He was a good actor; he was too damned young.
Carlette and I went out to Barnes and Nobles today because I had a $25 gift certificate burning a hole in my purse and Carlette needed a calendar. Everyone else in Dayton decided to go to B&N as well; the place was mad-crowded!! What the heck.

I got the next Fushigi Yugi that I needed, a set of the first-three-books-in-one-book of Magic Knight Rayearth on sale for $10, and You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls, which is awesome. I'm totally going to earn all these merit badges! Including saving and investing badge, learning a new language badge, sewing badge, dating badge, camping badge....it will be AWESOME and Carlette and I think we should form our own troop of Grown-Up Girl Scouts or something and earn all the badges.

I also bought the cats a new scratching post so they'd stop tearing up the carpet. Sabrina gives it two paws up:


Then I came home and made delicious homemade turkey meatballs (where's my badge!) for my dinner tomorrow.
Ok, this video is hilarious. Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] jetwolf

If the internet had a party...

"You're such a buzzkill, Snopes."
Back from the chiropractor (they're different from osteopaths, you see, because of the spelling).

He was a very nice man, very conversational, very good about letting me know what he was going to be doing.

I found it amusing that right before he did the most violent and invasive crack he paused and asked, "Have you been to a chiropractor before?" When I answered that I had, he replied "Oh good," and then proceeded to twist me into a pretzel until I swear I saw stars. It was nothing I wasn't expecting though, and I know it was all done to help me in the long run ^_^

He confirmed that I did sprain several ligaments in my lower back. I am prohibited from exercising until next week, which is incredibly frustrating. He gave me a stretching exercise to start doing tonight to try and stretch out the sprain. No lifting, no slouching, use a pillow when sitting in a chair.

Owies :-( It's extra-sore right now, since it was just aggravated with all that movement. I am going to lie down until I have to go to work.

I threw my back out in my workout this morning. ;_; I am now in incredible amounts of pain. It hurts to sit. It hurts to stand. It hurts to walk. It makes me gasp in pain to bend or climb stairs. I want to cry. I am nauseous from the pain.

And now I have to work for six hours.

Darn the every-four-hours, I'm taking some more ibuprofen!!

It is teeny and tiny and helpless! Awww, is oo snoring? Seriously, I think my uterus just exploded.
I was in a skit today in all three of my classes.
When my alarm went off at 7:15am this morning, my first thought was "Why the fuck is my alarm going off so early?"

Then I remembered that Carlette and I were going ice skating!

I am not very good at ice skating. You might even say I am terrible. I have weak ankles (the product of several sprains and breakages) and no foot muscles. My feet are noodles.

In an hour, I made it around the rink 10 times. But by the last three laps, I only had to stop to rest one time each, and each time I stopped slightly further than the last time. If I keep going back and working at it, soon I will be able to skate all the way around the rink without stopping!

I cut my fingers by scraping them against the wall trying not to fall. I had to get bandaids because they were bleeding a bit.

Carlette had to return some Christmas presents, so we had to go to Wal-Mart. I can't believe it's only the second day of the year and I had to go to Wal-Mart! ARGH. We were only there a total of five minutes, fortunately.

Next we went to Kohl's where this old man ahead of us was upset that he couldn't return items without a receipt and get cash. The cashier actually called for her manager and said "This old coot is raising Cain over here." He was cantankerous. So's his face.

While we were at Kohl's I bought new gloves. I loved my old gloves because they had hoppy frogs on them and they were very cute. But because frogs are cold-blooded, the gloves actually kept cold in and made my fingers want to fall off. Not good. Now I have warm gloves with no frogs.

We were lured into Home Depot by their commercials advertising a magnificent sale on organization items, and I have a dream of my house being organized. The sale? Not so magnificent.

We went to Applebee's for unlimited soup and salad. The only limit was the space in my belly.

We went to Bath & Body Works for their fabulous sale, and I got three new packs of wallflowers, three new soaps, some body sprays, and bubblebath! Then on to Kroger and Trader Joes.

All this driving, and did I mention it's snowing all day? We're smart.

I'm so wiped out from caffeine withdrawal ;_;
Carlette and I did arts today!!

We played with clay at open studio at Rosewood Arts Centre. First we glazed a billion unclaimed pottery pieces. Now we've glazed them the colors we want (hopefully, the glaze colors are unpredictable) and we get to keep them. Happy birthday, cousin Jenny! I glazed you a plate!

Then we made stuff with clay. I am so not talented with the arts. I tried to make a box, but it had structural integrity issues. Then I made a smaller box. Then I made earrings and a bracelet. We'll go back and glaze them after they've been fired.
Today Carlette and Nick and I had a Fabulously Fun Snow Day.

I Sat on the couch until around noon, and then I decided we needed to go sledding. I went over to their place where they were watching the MST3K "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." We watched for a bit, but then I persuaded them to come join me for a sled adventure.

First we had to procure sleds. Carlette only had one, and it was one of those crappy roll-up versions. We went to the nearby Ace Hardware where they had exactly one plastic saucer sled, two plastic two-person sled, and one inflatable saucer sled. We bought one of each.

Then we made a detour home so they could Suit Up.

THEN THERE WAS SLEDDING. We went to Rosewood Arts Center in Kettering, where they have a Giant Hill of Death.


My plastic saucer sled enjoyed turning me backwards, so my every pass down the hill involved me going down backwards, looking over my shoulders and screaming "AAAA! TREE!!!" or "AAA!! GIANT SWAMP PUDDLE!!" and desperately trying to stop the sled before I died.


Carlette's inflatable saucer ripped on her second pass down a hill. It was way lame.

For our very last sled, Nick and I went down the hill in the two-person sled, caught a bit of air on the way down, and sailed through the giant swamp puddle. It was simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.

We came home, where we made cookies and hot chocolate. And ate cookie dough.

And then we sat down on comfy couches and watched the MST3K Waffle Episode because Nick had never seen it, and it's my very favorite episode. Then Nick decided we needed to watch Manos Hands of Fate. Goddamn that is a bad movie.

After the movie we went out for sushi, which if you know me at all you know I loved. We drove by the Patterson Homestead, which is apparently haunted and Carlette wants us to go ghost hunting there next month.
I propose to you that this is not a cat.

This is a bug.

A snuggle bug.


The only reason I might wish that I had children is so I could share They Might Be Giants with them.


Not to be confused with a mastur-- oh forget it.



It is a Strawberry Cheesecake Torte for my department's carry-in tomorrow. I have to work 12-9 tonight, and it needs time to set, so I had to get up early today to make it.


Ok, there were a few structural integrity issues. But it TASTES delicious!

And now: the eating of the leftovers.
[livejournal.com profile] marcelle42 mentioned the Eddie Izzard "covered in beeeeees!!" bit yesterday, and that got me itching to watch other bits from Glorious.

I think this one is my favorite ^_~



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