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I am stressed ;_; I keep remembering things I've forgotten to do...

This mystery shopping company can just fire me, because it's getting to be not worth the extra $54 a month for the hassle they put me through. Now the guy in charge of my account wants me to go to frickin' Bellefontaine for a measley $10. "Well, you've done it before," he whines. Yes, when I a) lived in Springfield and it was only 35 minutes away instead of an hour and a half and b) the previous guy in charge of the account offered me more money for it! This guy never offers to raise the pay rate. Fuck him. I am not going to Bellefontaine for what is essentially $8.90 after my mandatory purchase when gas is $2.79.

I have two days to read The Merchant of Venice and I haven't even started it.

I have a French test tomorrow. Not worried about it, but I haven't done the workbook exercises that are due, and I do need to study the vocabulary. So I have to do all of that today.

So that's why I'm up at 5am. Stress does not a sound sleeper make.

Carlette, Nick, and I went to Sake for dinner last night. It was yum. I had been having a serious sushi craving because people had been mentioning sushi around me all week. I had my usual unagi and crispy tuna rolls, but I also tried the eel rolls and found them to be delicious. I am still stuffed and I have much leftovers in the fridge for food today.
Things I accomplished today:

  • French homework
  • Half of Wednesday's French homework
  • Spanish homework
  • Read 20 more pages of Coloane for Lit
  • Wrote 500 words of my novel
  • Changed one cat box

Things I did not accomplish today:

  • Reading The Art of War
  • Finishing the assigned Coloane pages
  • Three mystery shops that are due tomorrow...which means I HAVE to do all of them tomorrow.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Changing the other cat box

Ok. Okokokokok. Ok.

I got it all worked out, man. I got a plan.

I'll go home and go to sleep as soon as I get home. Say I get to sleep around 9:30, 10pm at the latest.

Wake up at 6am and go straight to Panera.

Work on my paper at Panera until 12:30 when I have to go to work. For the love of God, I should be able to write three more pages in 6 hours.

Work 1-5.

Now, my class is normally 6-9:30, but the syllabus says the exam is at 8pm. I didn't go to class last week, so I didn't verify that. So I'm gonna get there at 6pm, and if it's at 6, I'll take it; and if it's at 8, I'll study for 2 more hours.

After exam (either 7pm or 9pm) do the Xenia and Wilmington mystery shops.

Come home, study for French exam, sleep.

Wednesday, wake up at 7am, study for french exam.
After exam, go to tutor training session. Right after tutor training session, go to work from 11am-9pm.
After work, do Germantown, Trenton, and Middletown mystery shops. After this NO MORE MYSTERY SHOPS DURING FINALS WEEK. Fuck them if they beg.

Thursday, work 1-6. Study for Spanish exam. Must finish spanish workbook!

Friday, Spanish exam 8:30am.
Work 1-5.
Die a lot.
Die twice.
I used to do these shops, but since I moved they're too far away for me. They're too far away from everyone, which is why they're having such a hard time filling them.

But I thought I'd throw them out here if anyone was interested:

"You may have seen this e-mail before. I am looking to fill two alcohol compliance shops in Minster and Anna.

These are proving difficult to fill, that's why I'm asking if you or anyone you know is 21-26 years old living in these areas.

These shops are very easy to do. There are 3 questions on the form. They pay $10 a piece.

Please reply back to me with a phone number is you know anyone that is interested.

Matt Dumas
Ritter Associates"

A note: you HAVE to buy an alcoholic beverage at these shops. Your reimbursement is in the $10; a normal non-purchase shop is $8. So I usually bought the $.99 beers ;-p Or the $6 white russian coolers and just enjoyed them. ^_^

Anna and Minster are about exit 100 off 75; I'm currently exit 43, so it would be over an hour of travel time for me.



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