2021-04-12 09:40 am
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It's only forever...it's not long at all

Welcome to my journal.
Bienvenue à mon journal.
Bienvenido a mi diario.

2010-09-05 04:58 pm
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(no subject)

Hey, it's Penny (malanai on LJ)

If you ever added swwerth here on DW, that journal is going to stay a French-only journal, whenever I get the inclination to update it.

This journal will be my mirror to my LJ.
2010-07-17 11:12 pm
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(no subject)

I believe this has just won the internet.

2010-04-11 01:03 pm

(no subject)

Yesterday I went to see Mozart l'opéra rock. I have wanted to see this musical since before I even left for France -- I knew it was going to be something I was going to do while I was here. I finally saw it, and it was equal parts wonderful and disappointing :-\

And I am a HUGE fan of Florent Mothe, the guy who plays Salieri. His singing voice is incredible, and it helps that he looks really hawt as the beaten down, brooding genius. Most of my favorite songs in the show are Florent/Salieri's songs. I was SO SO SO looking to hearing Florent sing the songs live. Can you guess what happened? Of course. UNDERSTUDY. Every other principal performer was there -- Mikelangelo Loconte as Mozart was fantastic and still appeared to be having so much fun in his role even though he's been doing it twice a day almost every day since September. And then Salieri came on stage and it wasn't Florent.

I was so disappointed I nearly started to cry. Not!Florent went through the songs, and they sounded so off, I really had trouble enjoying some of them.

They also cut two songs from the show that were on the CD, and one of them was one of my favorites. I wonder if it will be on the DVD version, because I have a cam-version of the show from October in Paris, and it's not on there either, so I don't know if it was cut from the show early, or just never appeared at all, but they kept it for the CD :-\

At the end of the curtain call, Not!Florent brought out a guitar and sang "L'assasymphonie" acoustically with the whole troupe, which was cool, but WOULD HAVE BEEN COOLER WITH FLORENT. Ahem.

After the show I joined the mob scene for autographs. It was complètement fou. People were pushing and screaming and shoving. I managed to get three autographs -- one from Melissa Mars (Aloysia Weber), Solal (Leopold Mozart) and one from Mikelangelo/Mozart himself. Florent never came out, though I was hoping he would :-(

So, in honor of my completely Florent-less day yesterday, I have decided to bring you some Florent pic-spam!!

Epic Picspam )

At least when I go to see Christophe in June, I know I'll GET Christophe, and not a double. :-p

I need Mozart icons.
2009-08-12 03:21 pm
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(no subject)

A friend of mine has this silly habit of driving to places...work, the grocery, the doctor. Unfortunately all her means of transportation, her scooter, her car, have died.

She needs your help to buy a new car. She is an AMAZING artist and makes beautiful wings, crowns, beads, and necklaces.

Please take a look at her page [livejournal.com profile] scooterfae for a link to her Etsy page as well as some necklaces you can just make an offer on. Be sure to check the Etsy page for the wings and beads and crowns!!

Thanks for looking and helping out.
2009-06-21 09:25 pm
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Dayton Metro Library Faces Extreme Cuts

Legislators Need to Hear From Library Users and Supporters

June 19, 2009

Gov. Strickland announced plans today to remove $213.4 million in funding to Ohio's public libraries in order to fund other budget priorities. The funding for Ohio's libraries would drop to half of 2008 levels under his proposal. The cost to the Dayton Metro Library would be $2.3 million in 2009 and $4.7 million in 2010. The cut for this year would be in addition to the $4.1 million reduction the library is already facing.

"Cuts of this size would be absolutely devastating," said Tim Kambitsch, Executive Director of the Dayton Metro Library. "We are struggling to stay open with the cuts we have already absorbed. If passed, there will be deep cuts in hours, elimination of services to residents of every age, and frankly I have a hard time imagining how we can avoid closing branches. I urge everyone to immediately contact their representatives in the Ohio House and Senate." Kambitsch said he was surprised, "The library community had no idea these additional cuts were coming."

The governor's proposal must be approved by the Conference Committee of the Ohio Legislature, which is currently working out differences between the Senate and House budget bills.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to slash library budgets to cover other legislative priorities? Let you State Senator and State Representative know what you think immediately.

House Members:

Name Phone Number Fax Number Email
Seth Morgan 614-644-8051 614-719-3590 District36@ohr.state.oh.us
Peggy Lehner 614-644-6008 614-719-3591 District37@ohr.state.oh.us
Terry Blair 614-466-6504 614-719-6966 District38@ohr.state.oh.us
Clayton Luckie 614-466-1607 614-719-6967 District39@ohr.state.oh.us
Roland Winburn 614-466-2960 614-719-6940 District40@ohr.state.oh.us

Senate Members:

Name Phone Number Fax Number Email
Fred Strahorn 614-466-6247 N/A senatorstrahorn@maild.sen.state.oh.us
John Husted 614-466-4538 614-466-7662 SD06@senate.state.oh.us
2009-06-17 12:53 pm
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(no subject)

Some of my friends just had a successful LJ yard sale with their books, so I thought I'd give it a try. I REALLY have to scale back on my book collection before moving all this stuff out of my apartment, so if anyone wants anything please let me know!

Shipping for first book is $3, second and above is $4.


When Worlds Converge: What Science and Religion Tell Us about the Story of the Universe and Our Place in It - Edited by Clifford N. Matthews, Mary Evelyn Tucker and Philip Hefner - $2 (some pages falling out, but everything is there)

Science and Religion: Are the Compatible? - Edited by Paul Kurtz - $3

Illustrated Tarot Spreads: 78 New Layouts for Personal Discovery - Heidemarie Pielmeier and Marcus Schirner - $3

Advanced Readers:

A Lion Among Men - Gregory Maguire - $3

Raw Food: 100 Recipes to get the glow - Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis - $3

The Big Book of Small Business - Tom Gegax - $2

Olympos - Dan Simmons - $3

General fiction:

Little Altars Everywhere - Rebecca Wells - $2

Confessions of a Pagan Nun - Kate Horsley - $2

Puff - Bob Flaherty (autographed to me) - $3

Lesbian fiction:

Paperback Romance - Karin Kallmaker -$3

Frosting on the Cake - Karin Kallmaker - $3

Side by Side - Isabel Miller - $3

Women on Women: An anthology of American lesbian short fiction - Edited by Joan Nestle - $4

A Woman Like That: Lesbian and Bisexual Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories - Edited by Joan Larkin (HARDBACK) - $4


Pink - I'm Not Dead - $4

Green Day - International Superhits! (case has crack) - $2

Jill Sobule - The Folk Years - $3

Indigo Girls - Come on Now Social - $3


The Last Unicorn

Nadia: The Secret of the Blue Water volume 1 (subbed)

Fushigi Yugi volume 1 (subbed)
2008-12-16 08:15 pm

Holidailies Day 12

As I've mentioned, we've been baking all day...



Unfortunate bottle location or secret ingredient??

Delicious pictures )
2008-12-15 10:05 pm
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Holidailies Day Eleven

I missed Holidailies yesterday. I was busy cleaning all day before Shadowbox, and afterwards I was feeling sad and just wanted to go to bed.

Tonight I am at my parent's house in Cincinnati because it is holiday cookie baking time! My mom has been baking holiday cookies since my sister and I were in elementary school. Now that we're not in school during the holidays, she pretty just makes them for her office, but I also get some for my friends and coworkers.

Tonight we made fudge, pralines, bourbon balls, and white chocolate mint candy.

Tomorrow we're making puppy chow, double chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter bars, fudge nut layer bars, strawberry white chocolate bars, nutmeg logs, shortbread, and lemon cookies.

2008-12-13 04:44 pm
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Holidailies Day Nine

Hooray I got my hairs redyed! I love new hair day, it is one of my favorite days. I come out of the salon feeling really good about myself and loving the way I look.

I worked 2.5 hours this morning at the branch that first hired me as a substitute. It was relatively easy and that last 2.5 hours got me up to a full 40 hours this week. However, I am now exhausted because I don't usually work 40 hours a week. I was practically falling asleep in the salon chair.

I'm going to a graduation party in four hours, and I'm thinking a petite nap might be just the thing. If only it wouldn't mess up my hair!


2008-12-12 10:20 pm

Holidailies Day Eight

Today was mostly filler. Tonight is supposedly the largest full moon of the year? I haven't seen it. It's so cold outside it hurts.

My family went to the Madrigal Dinner tonight at Wright State, and it was very pleasant. There was nog. LOTS of nog. I'll recap it tomorrow, because now I'm just kind of writing enough so that I can say I made an entry for Holidailies and then go to bed so I can work tomorrow and then get my hairs dyed and then go to my friend's graduation party and then sleep maybe somewhere, sometime.


2008-12-11 09:34 pm

Holidailies Day Seven

Hey, my work is on the news!

The Dayton Metro Library is in the news because we surpassed 7 million items checked out in one year this year. Apparently the crew was filming at Main this morning, and I didn't come in to work until noon. I'm sad, because I WANT TO BE ON TV!! I would have been bouncing around in front of the camera saying "Film me! Film me!"

The man in the suit being interviewed is the director of the library.

You can totally see my department and my coworkers! Yay my department! Hello coworkers! Hmmph. Filmed them instead of me.

You can see our patrons illegally burning CDs onto their computers! Hello patrons! Hope the RIAA isn't watching!

Still, it's good publicity for the library, and I'm proud of my work. Good job, Dayton Metro Library!

2008-12-10 10:03 pm
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Holidailies Day Six

Do you still live in the place where you grew up? How far away are you now, and why?

I grew up in Cincinnati. I lived in the same house for nearly 23 years. I moved 45 minutes north to Dayton, OH almost five years ago so I could finish school. I'm hoping to move to France in 2009. I WOULD LIKE TO GET OUT OF OHIO PLZ KTHX.
2008-12-09 07:05 pm
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Holidailies Day Five

Dear Santa,

What up, yo? Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote to you. In regards to my last letter, please be assured I'm not bitter that you never brought me that My Little Pony flutter pony I asked for. I get it. You gotta take care of your own people, and times were tough back in the '80s.

I have a problem, Santa, and that's why I'm writing you now. I'm hoping you can help me. Remember back 20 years ago or so when Christmas was confined to just Decemeber? Then it started leaking into "after Thanksgiving," and that was all right, I guess, though I do get really tired of people asking me "so are you ready for Christmas?" ("Yup." I reply. Ready to watch a movie and eat sushi? Sure am.)

But now, Santa, Christmas is starting in September! September!! This has to be hard on you and the elves. It's added to your production time, and it gives kids more time to add to their lists. Frankly, it makes everyone cranky by the time December finally gets here because they're so sick of hearing "Christmas is coming! Are you ready! Christmas is coming!" for months on end. They're fed up. There's only so much Christmas the world can take, Santa. It's too much.

So I'm writing you today to ask, could we cut it back, please? Could you make everyone agree not to mention Christmas until mid-November maybe? That would be swell. Thanks Santa. Give the reindeer a hug for me.


2008-12-08 07:53 pm
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Holidailies Day Four

Describe your holiday decorating techniques.

Um...minimalist? Actually, Hannukah is the only holiday I do decorate for -- besides my birthday of course. My birthday is a major holiday.

I tape all the holiday cards I receive to the window seat. When Hannukah begins I bring the menorah down and it stays in the kitchen for 8 days; of course I light the appropriate number of candles each night.

Aaaaaaaaaand that's the extent of my holiday decorating.

2008-12-05 02:46 pm

Holidailies Day One

I heard about Holidailies from [livejournal.com profile] sistercoyote and I thought, "Hey! I like things!" so I decided to join up. These posts will be temporarily public until January 7 to comply with the rules of the program.

Introduction )

If you came here from the Holidailies site, welcome! Everyone else, I hope you found the reintroduction entertaining ^_^

2008-02-22 09:56 am
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(no subject)

Wright State is closed until noon -- I'll take it!

*does the "I-didn't-have-to-go-to-French-class" dance*

Now the real question is, do I get dressed, get bundled up, drive all the way out there for ONE class on a Friday afternoon and then come all the way home.... or do I stay here warm and cozy in my pajamas, snuggled by kitties?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ^_^

Oh couch...you are so very comfy.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] obieggfromhell alerted me that they just closed school for the rest of the day. WE WIN!!!
2008-02-21 10:09 am
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iTunes meme

Stolen from everyone (and their mothers!)

How many songs total: 2956
How many hours or days of music: 7.7 days
Most recently played: "Vandal" by Yunyu
Most played: "The Last Unicorn (Dance Mixx) by InMood
Most recently added: "Friday Morning Lullabies" by Emaline Delapaix

Sort by Song Title
First Song: "A: by DJ Amuro (DDR)
Last Song: "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" by Tori Amos

Sort by Time
Shortest Song: "Radio TMBG #1" by They Might Be Giants - 0:10
Longest Song: "The Beekeeper" by Tori Amos - 12:59 (from B of A Pavilion, Boston)

Sort by Album
First album: Acoustic Valentine by Catie Curtis
Last album: 50 First Dates soundtrack
First song that comes up on Shuffle: "Heavy in Love" by Bitch and Animal

Search the following and state how many songs come up:

Death - 5
Life - 45
Love - 107
Hate – 19
You - 258
Sex – 16
2008-02-20 03:16 pm

(no subject)

I am absolutely giddy over the new cast pictures for the Twilight movie on Stephanie Meyer's website.

SQUEE! Have you seen them? I joined the fandom after the whole Robert Pattinson casting wank, but I have to say, if I wasn't convinced before, these pictures have totally convinced me. He is Edward Cullen. I love the first picture on Stephanie's page. That's just such an Edward pose. I can't wait to see him protecting Bella. *sigh* That's my favorite part!

I need Twilight icons.... Edited to add: there we go ^_^
2008-02-13 08:11 pm

(no subject)

We did not have a snow day today, despite me wanting one very badly. There was nothing I particularly wanted to avoid, I just really could have used a day away from classes.

But I went, and the day actually moved very smoothly and was pretty nice, so I can't complain. I handed out my Hello Kitty Valentine cards to my friends and teachers, since I won't be at school tomorrow. For my journal entry in French Conversation the assigned task was to write instructions for something; pretty open-ended. So I wrote instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's rather funny, and I'll try to remember to post it here later.

I received a 98% on the big French presentation I did on Monday! I am kicking ass in my French literature class. Who knew?

My Spanish teacher postponed our test from Friday until next Monday which is a HUGE relief, because I was nowhere close to being ready by Friday. I've been getting really good grades on the oral portion of the class, but I completely bombed the first written test, so I really need to do well on this next test to bring up that portion of my grade.

Tomorrow I have to get a fasting blood draw, just routine, a part of my physical. I just really, really hate having blood drawn :-( I'm ok with needles and shots, but I hate having things in my veins. My veins like to hide and be difficult, which leads to more pain and suffering and woe. ;_;