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I heard about Holidailies from [livejournal.com profile] sistercoyote and I thought, "Hey! I like things!" so I decided to join up. These posts will be temporarily public until January 7 to comply with the rules of the program.

My name is Penny, and I live in Ohio. I don't enjoy it, but I'll get upset if you insult it. It's still my home state, after all. And we were responsible for electing Obama. So there's that. Other than that, Ohio is cold, and mostly dying. Especially Dayton, where I presently live. I'm originally from Cincinnati, but I moved to the Dayton area nearly five years ago for school. It's a long story. I'll graduate in June from Wright State University with a bachelor's in French and a minor in Spanish. I like languages.

I live with my three cats, but my best friend and her boyfriend live two doors down from me. We're constantly at each other's houses. I have a younger sister and the standard two parents: my father is a retired library-science professor and my mother works at the library in Dayton while living in Cincinnati. I also work for the Dayton library. It's a job. The patrons drive me nuts, mostly because the majority of them are drunk or crazy and they steal things.

I like Hello Kitty a lot. I'm single and I've given up looking. I'm applying to teach English in France in the fall of 2009. Moving to another country for a year is exciting, but also scary. I like sushi.

I'm not Christian. I've never been Christian. This time of year kind of gets on my nerves, mostly because of the over-commercialization and the assumption that everyone must be Christian. I'm Jewish-Pagan. I was raised Jewish and had a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12. At 18 I realized I needed more femininity in my spirituality and began searching alternative religions. There was no need for me to leave Judaism, however, because there's really plenty of femininity there already if you know where to look. You just have to get a little crafty ^_~

If you came here from the Holidailies site, welcome! Everyone else, I hope you found the reintroduction entertaining ^_^

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